Living in Toronto is expensive, whether you're a homeowner or a renter. The average price of a detached home just rose to $1.29 million this month, and Toronto was ranked the second most expensive city to rent an apartment in Canada this year.

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But it's not entirely impossible to find affordable places to live in the city. Renters in particular might be delighted to know that there's a website that shows all of the apartments in the Toronto that offer the cheapest rent.

Padmapper is an interactive map that displays all the locations in the city that offer monthly rent fees within a specified range, which you can determine with an adjustable slider. You can also set other parameters, including the number of bedrooms and the style of home. Here's an example scenario with the price range set at $0 to $700:

Photo cred - Padmapper

Of course, the map only gives users a snapshot of the pricing situation for each location; true prices may still vary. Make sure to contact the landlords of each location for the most updated information!

You can fiddle around with the interactive map here.

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