If you regularly drive a car in Toronto, you probably already know just how much of a hell it is to get decent parking. Costs are ridiculously pricey, and you're never guaranteed a spot; even on a good day. What's a driver in Toronto to do?

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Enter Toronto Free Parkinga website sent from heaven with the solution to all your parking woes. It helps you save time and money by showing the hundreds of free parking locations across downtown Toronto and the GTA via an interactive map.

There's also a legend accompanying the map that gives you more details about each parking spot.

Of course, it is still strongly advised that drivers read road signs carefully before parking, as all parking areas in the city are always subject to bylaw changes, and such may not be reflected on the interactive map right away. That being said, the website is typically good at keeping the map as updated as possible.

Access the interactive map at torontofreeparking.ca.

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