We all love Snapchat. It's arguably the best form of social media out there right now: it's in the moment, it's personable, and most importantly, it's authentic. It allows ourselves to show people what we are doing in real time without much editing (the fun puppy and puking rainbow filters don't count).

But there is one drawback: You have to film using your hands and ultimately pressing the button down continuously while recording. But don't worry! There's always a solution.

Here is the step by step process how to film on Snapchat hands free! 

1.Open settings on your phone and go to "General".

2. Go to "Accessibility.

3. Tap on "Assistive Touch".

4. Turn Assistive Touch on and then Create New Gesture.

5. Press and hold down with one finger in the middle of the screen to let it record your touch. The blue bar at the bottom will grow once its recorded.

6. Save the gesture under whatever name you like.

7. Open Snapchat and tap the little grey dot on your screen.

8. Tap "custom" or "favourite"

9. Tap the gesture you just saved.

10. Another little grey dot will appear. Drag it over the Snpachat record button and let go. Voila! NO HANDS.

Source: Tech Insider 

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