If you're into desserts that are as pretty as they are delicious, look no further. Behold: the Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg. A permanent feature on the menu at La Banane, this dish is quickly becoming one of the most instagrammed desserts in Toronto.

via @smokeandfortune

The Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg is the creation of chef and owner Brandon Olsen. What makes this dessert so cool is that no two eggs are alike, meaning you'll have a different experience every time you order it.

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The dessert consists of chocolate egg embedded with apricots, ancho chilies and coffee beans, and filled with hand-rolled Peruvian dark chocolate truffles. The extravagant dessert will cost you $50.

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La Banane is one of Toronto's newer restaurants. Located at Ossington and Dundas, the stylish restaurant serves up French fare with a unique spin.

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