Ontario's graduated licensing system requires student drivers to take two major road tests - a G1 road test (to qualify for a G2 license) and a subsequent G2 road test (to qualify for a full G license). 

Which DriveTest Centre you decide to do your tests at is important. Each centre has its own set of failure rates, which could act as loose indicators of their difficulty levels (and your chances of passing).

Google has listed the failure rates for every DriveTest Centre in Ontario on a map that is categorized into three colours: 

  • Green = relatively low failure rates 
  • Yellow = relatively average failure rates
  • Red = relatively high railure rates

According to the map, the hardest places to pass your road tests based on failure rates is Brampton, with Etobicoke in close second. Brampton has a 53 and 41 per cent failure rate for G1 and G1 road tests respectively, while Etobicoke has a 51 and 47 per cent failure rate for G1 and G2 road tests respectively.

It should be noted that just because a DriveTest Centre has low fail rates, doesn't mean that taking a driving test there guarantees a pass.

Similarly, where a person takes his or her driving test is not a comprehensive reflection of that person's driving abilities. Someone could pass at the most difficult DriveTest Centre and still turn out to be a hazardous driver, and someone could pass at the easiest DriveTest Centre and still turn out to be a safe driver.

As long as you're prepared, you should be able to take your road test at any DriveTest Centre in Ontario with confidence!

Click here for the easiest place to pass your G1 and G2 road test in Ontario.

Click here for the full list of failure rates at every DriveTest Centre in Ontario.

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