One of the most beloved TV shows in Netflix history is making a comeback this November and we are all losing our shit! Gilmore Girls has been the TV show to to binge watch with your BFF, your mom or your sister. It's a show with quirky humour, even quirkier characters and heartwarming storylines that'll make you laugh and cry at the same time. It's a show that'll make you wish you talked to your mom more often and that you had a cup of coffee every time you watched it. It's a show that everyone loved when it was on air in the 2000s and will be as loved once again when it makes its return.

That being said, wouldn't it be absolutely hilarious to picture the quirky stories of Stars Hollow transported onto the streets of  Toronto? It would definitely not be the same but it could totally be possible if you think about it in an alternate universe kind of way. That being said, here are a few ways we could picture your favourite Gilmore Girls making their appearance on the streets of Toronto.

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Rory would have gone to Ryerson University.

It's no ivy league, but Ryerson U has one of the best journalism programs in the province! That being said, although U of T would seem like the first choice for this brainy brunette, Ryerson U would be the place for the future Christianne Amanpour to thrive and grow as an aspiring journalist.

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Lorelai & Rory would live in the Liberty Village.

Nothing compares to the small town of Stars Hollow, but the Liberty Village would be the perfect place for these Gilmore girls to call home here in Toronto. Compared to the downtown core, the Liberty Village is a lot less crowded and has a small town feel even if it is part of the city. This part of the city is rustic, and hip and thrives with middle aged adults trying to get their shit together just as much as they try too. Not to mention that fall and winter in the Liberty Village is beyond beautiful to satisfy Lorelai's love of winter.

Bonus point: coffee culture is on point here! I mean hello, Balzacs!

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Luke's Diner would be the new Balzacs.

Torontonians still cannot get over the Luke's Diner pop up shops all over the 6ix recently, but could you imagine how wild it would be for Luke's to make a permanent appearance on the streets of Toronto?! If there's one thing to know about the show, it's that mainstream coffee is definitely a no-no in the life of a Gilmore. Local town coffee shops like Balzacs would be the perfect hang out spot for the citizens of Stars Hollow to enjoy a steaming cup of Joe. Balzacs has the same rustic feel as Luke's Diner and you can almost picture Lorelai and Rory sitting with their cups of coffee discussing their daily banter over poodles. Oy with the poodles already!

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Kirk would be the 'BELIEVE' guy.

Oh Kirk, you very very odd specimen. Don't get me wrong, Kirk is as much beloved as he is annoying, so it wouldn't completely be out of the ordinary to picture Kirk on the streets of Yonge and Dundas screaming and yelling at people whether it be to advertise something crazy or simply because of his 'sleep walking'.

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Rory would have her newspaper internship at the Toronto Star.

After her classes at RyU, Rory could be found interning at a major paper like the Toronto Star! She's definitely got the talent considering her being the editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News, so you could totally see her moving and grooving to the rhythm of the keyboard clacks and stressed out journalists scattered all over the office.

It's no Stamford Eagle Gazette-- it's better! And by the way, a big fvck you to Mitchum Huntzberger who told Rory she 'don't got it'. He literally ruined like 12 episodes right after he said that driving everyone nuts.

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Logan would be the stud on Bay St. who sweeps Rory off her feet.

Different from her other small town baes, Logan is that spoiled AF prince who sweeps her off her feet despite his obnoxiousness. Sure he originally was a rich, socialite fvckboy who bullied Marty and and was a complete ass. This rich stud changed for the better as he fell deeper and deeper in love with Rory.

That being said, you could totally picture this blond bae strutting along Bay St. with his prim and polished shoes and smile. Despite the fact that Rory turned his marriage proposal down, they could definitely be friends and meet up for a coffee any hour of the day.

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The Dragonfly Inn would be located in Cabbagetown.

The Dragonfly Inn would be perfectly located in Cabbagetown that is not quite at the downtown core thus still giving off a small town vibe. The historic Cabbagetown is a smaller district in Toronto that is super close to the downtown core with tourist attractions and sites which is perfect for business!

You could totally picture Michel not smiling because of some bs delay from the TTC at the front desk, Sookie making her signature risotto (that must be served with red wine!), and Lorelai settling in the thousands of tourists waiting to explore the wonders of Toronto.

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Lorelai would have definitely matched with a few of these guys on Tinder.

It's no secret that Lorelai is a smoking hot mom who's used to the usual double takes from countless amounts of men on the street. Whether is was Mr. Max Medina or her baby daddy Christopher, we were all rooting for Luke to move away from the friend zone and make a move! And eventually that's exactly what happened thanks to his self help book.

Before Luke was ever in the picture as something more than a friend, this eligible bachelorette has had many relationships with different kinds of men.  Could you imagine what kinds of guys she would have matched with on Tinder in Toronto?

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The Market by Longo's would be the new Doose's.

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to throw a book at Taylor Doose whenever he opened his mouth? I personally did, and I honestly was rooting for Luke to punch him out whenever he did something stupid. However, whether you love or hate the man you've got to admit that his grocery store, Doose's, was a Stars Hollow staple that added to its small town identity.

Everything happened in Doose's from Rory having her first kiss with Dean to Lorelai & Luke knocking on the Doose's door after 10 to celebrate their engagement. The Market is a small grocery store in the Liberty Village that would still satisfy the citizens of Stars Hollow's taste and convenience.

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HepAlien would play at the Revival Bar on College every Friday night.

The stylings of HepAlien would be heard all over the 6ix at different bars and restaurants, but every Friday would be spent at the Revival Bar on college where everyone would come out to hear Zack sing about a 'Big Commotion'. It's the perfect thing to do on a Friday night if you're not having Friday night dinners with the Gilmores.

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Miss Patty would work at Vibe.

Who could ever forget the time when Rory completely freaked out Lorelai and Emily when she and Dean fell asleep in Miss Patty's dance studio after the Chilton ball? Or the time Dean and Rory spent hours practicing the waltz in Miss Patty's dance studio for Rory's cotillion ball? Miss Patty's dance studio is as much of a Stars Hollow staple as Doose's and the gazebo. It would only be fit to bring Miss Patty onto the streets of Toronto with her doing what she does best-- teaching dance and picking out good fruit at Doose's.

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Emily and Richard would live in Forest Hill.

Everyone loved and hated the Gilmores as much as they didn't want to admit. Emily was picky, blunt and spoiled while Richard was prideful, stubborn and often hot tempered when angry. Sure they didn't show their love for their daughter in the most traditional ways, but love they did indeed have for their quirky daughter. I mean, why else would Lorelai continue to go to Friday night dinners even after Rory left to cover Obama's election? Emily very clearly wants to have the same relationship with Lorelai the way Lorelai has with Rory. And Richard? Well, his very clear affection for his grand daughter is just a reflection of the love for his own daughter that he doesn't want to show.

That being said, the elite needs of Emily Gilmore would definitely be met if they lived in Forest Hill where all the nice and bougy houses are (of which hardly anyone can afford). It's quaint, relaxing, and not too far from the Liberty Village making Friday night dinners possible!

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Sookie & Jackson would have gotten married at the Botanical Gardens.

A lot of shit went on behind the scenes of Sookie and Jackson's wedding. Rory kissed Jess when he surprised her after running away from Stars Hollow and Christopher revealed that he got his girlfriend Sherry pregnant right after he and Lorelai just got back together. Oh yeah, that was messy. But despite all the drama, nobody can deny that their floral wedding and ceremony was perhaps one of the cutest weddings to witness!

That being said, the Botanical Gardens would be the perfect venue for Sookie and Jackson to get married and celebrate their special day. It would totally compliment whatever beautiful and delicious cake Sookie would make and make their day all the more special in the midst of all the gorgeous flowers!

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Paris would work at Princess Margaret Hospital.

It's actually amazing how far Paris and Rory's friendship lasted throughout the entire series. In season 1, it was clear that Paris and Rory would not get along as they were both smart bookworms competing for a spot in Harvard. However, who would have thought that not only would they be roomies at Yale together-- they'd be lifelong friends!

In an alternate universe where Gilmore Girls would take place in Toronto, you can see Paris bragging about her latest medical discovery at Princess Margaret's Hospital to Rory at a local coffee shop whenever they catch up to talk. She'd still be together with Doyle who would work at The Toronto Star but will never pick a date without the consultation of her life coach. Paris would find the cure to cancer, but definitely annoy the crap out of her fellow residents and doctors.

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Kim's Antiques would be in the Annex.

You would find Mrs. Kim refusing bargaining prices left and right and trying to up-sell the antiques of her shop in Koreatown along the Annex. Not only is the area filled with antique and thrift stores like Honest Ed's, but who can ignore all the delicious Korean restaurants and Korean establishments all over the Annex.

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Jess wouldn't move halfway across the country, he'd end up staying in Toronto to publish his book.

Who here lowkey still ships Rory and Jess? Because I definitely do! I just can't get over their quirky chemistry and their bad boy/good girl relationship. It warmed my heart to see Jess become a better guy because of Rory and although a lot of their meetings turned into Rory getting heartbroken, there's always hope for redemption! That being said, these two cannot be seperated! There are many Toronto publications that would help publish more of Jess' future books that wouldn't be possible without the inspiration and support of a one Rory Gilmore.

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Rory would find a job at CTV News after covering the Trudeau campaign.

It's no New York Times, but Rory would be the perfect reporter on the 6 o'clock news of CTV. At the end of the series, she ends up leaving her small town to follow up the Obama campaign. But in this alternate universe, she would be following up with the Trudeau campaign with CTV news. After her experience at the Yale Daily News and the Toronto Star, she's a shoe-in to the world of Canadian journalism simply because she does got it (ahem, ahem Mitchum Huntzberger!).

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Lorelai and Luke would totally get married at the Steam Whistle Brewery.

We've all been rooting for Luke and Lorelai's wedding to go forward and finally see our favourite OTP get married. The first attempt fell through after Lorelai slept with Christopher and Luke chose his daughter over his fiance, but after their passionate kiss when Luke set up a goodbye celebration for Rory before she left for Washington, we can't help but wonder if there'll be a second chance for redemption.

If Luke and Lorelai got married, the Steam Whistle Brewery would be the perfect place to put a ring on it. It's rustic, incredibly adorable, and 100% Luke & Lorelai. If it's not coffee that these two are chugging, it's beer. That being said, the Steam Whistle Brewery makes some of the best beer in Toronto for everyone in Stars Hollow to enjoy with the happy bride & groom!

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Babette would still eat oatmeal at Cora's.

Who could forget the lovable Stars Hollow neighbour, Babette. We all know her for taking her cat for a walk and killing it, and for being the star of Kirk's famous t-shirts after eating oatmeal. Gilmore Girls would not be the same without this small town babe, so it would only be right to introduce her to other breakfast foods at Cora's Breakfast Cafe. They serve tons of delish breakfast dishes and a mighty bowl of oatmeal!

Oh Toronto, who knew how much we were missing?!

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