Though we're in the middle of winter, last week's Sport's Illustrated release provided a welcome dose of heat to a chilly February. As usual, the issue was filled with models in bikinis showcasing their curves in front of tropical beaches (groundbreaking!). The 2017 issue welcomed seven new models to the famous magazine, each with their own unique look and personality.

In an interview with Delishfive S.I. rookies discussed their individual diets, from favourite snacks to guilty pleasures. If you've ever wondered what it takes to look like a Sports Illustrated model or just want to make yourself feel ever guiltier as you inhale your third pizza pocket of the day (me), scroll away.

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 Kelly Gale

For breakfast, Kelly Gale noted that she typically goes for a smoothie. At lunch time, she likes a lean protein like shrimp or turkey with roasted veggies. Her favourite snacks are North Shore Goodies Original Coconut Peanut Butter. When she wants to treat herself, she goes for chocolate and nut butter. Let's not get too crazy, Kelly!

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Danielle Herrington

Danielle Herrington starts her day with an omelette with veggies. For lunch, she goes for a large salad, swapping dressing for apple cider vinegar (lol ew). Herrington's dinner favourite is baked salmon with broccoli. Her snack of choice is edamame. If you're starting to hate her, you can take comfort in the fact that once in a while she lets herself cheat with a big plate of french fries.

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Myla Dalbesio

For breakfast, Dalbesio opts for paleo-friendly banana bread. For lunch, the model swears by healthy soups like turkey chilli. When she's looking to snack, Dalbesio makes her own trail mix packed with nuts and dried fruit. On her cheat day, Dalbesio indulges in Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion chips.

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Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti starts her day with a refreshingly carb heavy option: a turkey and avocado sandwich. During the day, she likes to snack on chia pudding. For dinner, Balti can't resist the simple power of pasta with tomato sauce, officially becoming the most relatable model yet.

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Mia Kang

Breakfast for Kang is usually granola with yoghurt, berries and honey. Kang typically likes to snack on raw, unsalted nuts, but will often let herself grab a piece of chocolate or two. For lunch and dinner, Kang tries to stick to lean proteins, vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates.

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