Are you a lover of pho? In Ontario, one restaurant has been called "the best place to experience true authentic Vietnamese food," and it certainly lives up to that claim.

Pho Ngoc Yen is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Mississauga that is dedicated to providing genuine Vietnamese cuisine and excellent service. Every dish is meticulously prepared by traditional cooks and approved by their executive chef, so you're assured that your meal is of the best quality.

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Many people have applauded the restaurant for its inclusion of home-cooked favourites in their menu. They serve a variety of egg noodle platters, vermicelli dishes, spicy pad thai's, special vegetarian options, and of course, delicious pho bowls. Check out their full menu here.

The restaurant also boasts a beautiful tropical-style interior. Bamboo decor, wicker furnishings, and exotic plants throughout will temporary transport you to rural Vietnam. The restaurant also holds karaoke nights and other fun events that add to the cultural experience.

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The reviews say it all:

"It's a must-go to hidden gem. The food is made fresh, feels healthy. Massive portions. A tropical decor vibe, the hostess are in traditional Vietnamese ao Dai. Very elegant, friendly staff. They do Karaoke on weekends as well. Would visit this location again to try everything else on the menu." - Thanh N. (Brampton, ON)

"This is the best pho place I have been to.  Rich deep broth, fatty beef.  Lots of them, and amazing hot Sauce. 3 kinds.  Inside is very authentic yet feels like home.  Clean all over.  Must come." - John M. (Mississauga, ON)

"Amazing food - tastes homemade and authentic. You can tell they put their heart and soul into the dishes.  The service is fantastic - will come back soon for sure." - KaKi L. (Barcelona, Spain)

Source: Yelp

via @phongocyen

Needless to say, if you're craving a nice, hot bowl of pho, you need to pay Pho Ngoc Yen a visit!

For more information, visit

Visit Pho Ngoc Yen at: 1090 Kamato Rd, Unit# 18-19 Mississauga, ON

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