A Toronto-based YouTuber named Hemali Mistry just opened up on Instagram about her struggle with being publicly body shamed. Her YouTube channel, Ready To Glow, has nearly 6K subscribers and she has 103K Instagram followers. 

In front of the camera, Hemali's bubbly, sweet, and all smiles. But, today she revealed how much she has suffered in her own skin. "I absolutely hated my body growing up," she says, "I was always considered too skinny and I'd always be shamed for it. People think just because you're skinny it's okay to say things because it's not like they're calling you fat right?"

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"Even now I see people talking about embracing your curves while bashing skinny people in the process. Saying they look healthy and being that skinny isn't normal," Hemali says, "All of these reasons made me feel so insecure about what my body looked like."

As a YouTuber personality and on-camera host, Hemali is constantly confronted with mean and critical comments about her body, making her insecurities even worse.

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"I honestly don't understand why my weight (curvier or thinner) ever has to be a topic of discussion," she says, "Your body type should not matter so as long as you're healthy."

Hemali ends her post with a powerful message - "We're all made differently, some curvier than others, and that's okay. I'm slowly starting to accept my body the way it is, and learning that I look good too just the way I am. It's a process but I'm getting there."

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Hemali shared her post less than an hour ago, and comments are already pouring in from other women with similar struggles about with body shaming. Kudos to Hemali for being brave enough to speak up, and giving other women a platform to speak up too. 

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