Guelph is home to perhaps the most unusual place in the province: The Manor.

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The Manor is a strip club that also offers Sunday afternoon church service... Seriously. And it's actually been around for a few years now. The idea to combine two completely opposite services was conceived by Jack Ninaber, a non-denominational Christian pastor, who had been offering church service to locals with his wife in their home for years. As their church grew, they began to look at venues in the area where they could relocate to, and in 2013 they came across The Manor.

At first, they laughed off the idea completely. But after learning that the club had a separate housing facility attached to it, Ninaber and his wife thought the idea might actually work.

They took down all the racy photos, replaced them with religious images and sanitized the entire area. Today, the venue functions as a club for men throughout the week; but on Sunday afternoons, it becomes a holy place of worship, where people can "find safety and trust and food." Attached to the bar is the former Sue's Inn, which they have turned into a transitional housing facility where homeless people can come by for shelter.

"For us, it's not telling people to go to church. It's telling people they can have a relationship with Jesus. Even in a bar," says Ninaber.

via @themanorguelph

For more information, visit The Manor's website here.


Address: 211 Silvercreek Pkwy S, Guelph, ON

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