Justin Trudeau has been the star of the internet for rather random things lately, like his childhood photos and his surprisingly curvy derriere. And while all of these are, er, noble achievements, how well is he actually doing in his job as Canadian Prime Minister?

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One website has made it its mission to analyze Trudeau's actions since his first day in office and evaluate his success by way of detailed and quantifiable data. Trudeau Meter is "a non-partisan collaborative citizen initiative that tracks [Trudeau's] performance with regards to his electoral platform. It was started by Montrealer Dom Bernard, who envisioned the website as a place for people to exchange ideas regarding the government without political intent or bias.

He was inspired by Egyptian activists from 2012, who upon the election of their first democrat president Mohamed Morsi started a "Morsi Meter" to track his performance. He compares the website to a thermometer: "Whether it shows -30 or +35, a thermometer does just that: show the temperature. We can complain about it, be happy about it, or joke about it - but the thermometer doesn't care. The temperature is what it is - period."

Users are free to comment on various issues across different categories:

They also have access to an analytics board, which features several useful graphs charting Trudeau's promises over time or by category:

So far, the website has tracked Trudeau's 525 days in office, indicating with the Trudeau Meter that he and his government have:

  • not started on 88/223 platform promises,
  • are currently working on 61/223 platform promises,
  • achieved 44/223 platform promises, and
  • broken 30/223 platform promises.

What do you think of Trudeau's performance so far?

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