Centennial is a great college but the first week can be a bit of a pain! Going back to school is not easy. You have to get used to using up all of your spare time, not sleeping, and being broke. After a while we get into the groove of school but the first few weeks back are always the hardest.

1. I wish frosh week existed.

Centennial hosts a one-day student orientation with games and various activities. It's very rare that students will get to know each other before they start the semester. Centennial does not have a frosh week and you can not count on any parties to happen throughout the year. All you want to do is dance and drink but chances are you'll be stuck at home with anxiety about the first day.

2. I wonder if I'll be in the right class.

Centennial is constantly updating schedules and moving classrooms. If you're at Progress campus, you'll have an even harder time finding your way around. There's so many damn parts to it! The possibility of humiliating yourself by walking into the wrong class is very high.

3. I'm going to do so well this semester.

Admit it, everyone has this mentality when they go back to school.  By the time you reach the second week and you're swimming in assignments and self doubt you'll miss summer and drinking by the pool.

4. I really didn't miss the cafeteria food.

I'm sure no one missed spending $10 on a lunch that should cost a lot less. For the most part the food is what you would expect - soggy and expensive. Let's face it though, making a lunch? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

5. We need better electives.

Because ballroom dancing has nothing to do with journalism.

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6. The free condoms don't make up for how much money you've spent on everything else.

You can only pay so much until you go broke. On top of tuition you must pay for lockers, parking, food, student events, usb's, printing, fancy equipment and so much more. Hey, no worries, because at least the condoms in the S.A.C office are free...

7. What is E-Centennial DOING?

So many technical difficulties.

8. Meeting International students is awesome.

Talking to International students makes you realize that you're happy to attend college in your own city - even if it does have some downfalls. It's awesome to meet people from around the world that have come to study at Centennial.

9. I forgot how talented these people are.

Story Art Centre kids will especially know what I'm talking about. Walking down the halls listening to sweet serenades and looking at all the student's hard work. Clay animations, paintings, posters, newspapers, so much talent!

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