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They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, and Toronto really gets that. This city knows how to celebrate the holiday season in style. Life just gets easier at this time of year. All the decorations and window displays put you in a good mood, and there's this feeling in the air that everything's gonna be okay. It's heartening, and at the very least, it distracts you from how cold the weather is until after New Year.

The Eaton Centre Gets Real Pretty

Malls in this city in general tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to Christmas decorations, but who doesn't love all the bright, shiny lights at the Eaton Centre around this time of year? It makes you all excited.

The Santa Claus Parade

Whether you enjoy it sincerely because you love Christmas, or you're the type of person who likes to get really ripped and freak out about larger than life parade floats, the Santa Claus Parade has something for everyone. Now, this year's parade already happened a few weeks ago, but you can soon catch Santa at your local mall, if you feel so inclined.

All Your Friends Coming Back

Christmas break means all of those friends of yours who foolishly decided to go to school in Kingston and Waterloo will finally return to Toronto so you hit up Croc Rock together like the good old days. Won't that be nice?

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Toronto Does New Years Up

It is a well known fact that Toronto celebrates New Years better than any other city. Nathan Phillips Square has a nice light display, Crocodile Rock does its own balloon drop, there is a seemingly never-ending list of venue-hosted parties to attend, and plenty more massive house parties going on. The only thing that rivals a Toronto New Years is a Toronto Halloween, so don't miss it this year.

Party All Night

New Years Eve is also that one magical night of the year when the TTC is open all night long. Yes, for one glorious night, you don't have to worry about where you're going, or how you're getting home. Merry Christmas to all!

Skating At Nathan Phillips Square Has Never Been More Appropriate

Of course, you can skate at the square all winter long, but Christmas time is the best time to do it. It's probably going to be one of your first times out on the ice for the year, and the lights make it a million times more romantic.

Christmas Market!

The Distillery District already gives off this Christmas-all-year vibe, so it's natural that this is the time of year when it shines the most. The Toronto Christmas Market is back, with all of the wholesome, fun events you've missed (most of them involve drinking). You can also buy all the lovely Christmas-y things you've come to expect from the market, so find a day before December 21st that you're free to take advantage of it.

The Whole City Lights Up

It's not just the malls that get shiny this time of year. Pretty much every major street in Toronto gets its own Christmas decorations. You've probably already noticed them all over downtown. Torontonians are also some of the most enthusiastic Christmas light decorators in the world, and walking through any residential street in this city will leave you feeling like you're in a winter wonderland.

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Yorkville Puts Its Money Where Its Christmas Spirit Is

Walking through the Bloor-Yorkville area is particularly fun at this time of year, because the stores seem to treat Christmas window displays as some sort of competition. Get your fill of animated store front windows and pretty lights this year.

The Artisans' Gift Fair Returns

Hit up the Tranzac club for their annual gift fair, where you can enjoy some live music, have a beer, and check out the art they have on sale. It ends on the 21st this year, so it's perfect if there's one person on your list that you just haven't been able to find a present for. Check out the full schedule here.

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