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Toronto must be an intimidating city for tourists. It's gigantic, and there's a ton of things going on all the time. Unfortunately, certain aspects of the city have gained too much unnecessary attention over the years, and these tend to be the spots where tourists congregate. Most Torontonians now to steer clear of these spots, as they are overcrowded, overrated, or both. To help anyone planning to visit the city in the near future, we've compiled a list of the biggest whatevers our home town has to offer, so they can spend their time here having fun.

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CN Tower

Easily the most baffling of Toronto's attractions, the CN Tower's claim to fame is as the tallest free standing structure in the Northern hemisphere. That's kind of cool, but once you get up there, you can't help feeling like you just wasted a lot of time and money to look down at the city below and think, "yeah, that's pretty high up." The CN Tower is best observed from afar, where it works really well as part of the city's skyline.

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Centerville is a small amusement park located in the middle of Center Island. The fact that it's on an island is literally the only remarkable thing about it. The rides are boring and pretty old fashioned, the food's expensive, and the loud children and frustrated parents are plentiful. You're better off checking out the rest of the islands.

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The Eaton Center

Tourists from all over the world flock in droves to this mall. Why? It's a mall. If you've seen one mall, you've seen them all. The Eaton Center isn't the biggest, or fanciest mall. It's just an air conditioned building with a lot of stores in it. Please go do something else.

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Casa Loma

The cool thing about Casa Loma is that it's a house in the middle of the city that looks like a castle. That's really all there is to it. I guess if you were really into Gothic Revival architecture, I would get wanting to come see it, but I'm guessing most tourists really aren't, and are just there because they're told it's one of the things you must do in Toronto. Aside from maybe on elementary school field trips, the average Torontonian has never set foot in Casa Loma, and probably doesn't think about it very much.

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The Distillery District

Now, I'm not saying there aren't some great places to eat and drink at in the Distillery District, but the attention it gets from out off towners is unwarranted.  Toronto is full of amazing bars and restaurants, located all over the city, and plenty of cool neighbourhoods to walk through. In the grand scheme of things, this area isn't all that exciting.

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Yorkville is a perfect example of when expensive is confused for quality. There's plenty of bars, restaurants and stores where you can spend a lot of money here, if that's what you're into. But tourists seem to think that this means Yorkville is where all the best bars, restaurants and stores are. As I've already mentioned in the previous section, that is far from true.

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Okay, so, I love the ROM. I'm a huge nature nerd, so obviously some of my best childhood memories are of crawling around in the bat cave and freaking out over the taxidermy animals. But if I were visiting from another city, or another country, the ROM would not be big on my must-see list. I'm sure you've done museums before. If so, the ROM is nothing new.

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The Toronto Zoo

Now, I can get wanting to check out this zoo if you're from a small town, or even another Canadian city where zoos aren't that accessible. But people from all over the world come to look at the animals here. There really isn't anything the Toronto Zoo has to offer that every other zoo in the world doesn't have. Besides, who comes to Toronto to look at lions and tigers and bears?

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Nathan Phillips Square

This ugly square is covered mostly in concrete, and super hard to reach. I guess stuff happens up there, but why would you bother to go, when there's tons more interesting things happening downtown? In the winter, the pool is converted into a skating rink, which is exciting news for anyone who isn't aware that Toronto has tons more skating rinks that are less crowded and nicer to use.

Photo cred-  MDNA CLAUDIA 

The Lakeshore

Lake Ontario is as pretty as any body of water, but it's so polluted that it hardly feels worth it to check it out. There's really no point in going to the beach if you're not going to do any swimming, but swimming is really the last thing you should do in this toxic lake.

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