One of the worlds biggest film festival hits Toronto this month, bringing with it la crème de la crème of artists from around the globe. That means actors, directors, and producers, and lots of them.

Every year the Toronto International Film Festival turns downtown into Hollywood. A typically mundane walk from Union Station to work, or school, suddenly becomes an exciting adventure as the prospect of walking by Channing Tatum or Jennifer Anniston is a very real possibility.

We all pretend we don't care about celebrities, but when we do happen to see one, the stoicism melts away. It's actually pretty exciting.

For those of you on the prowl this month, here are some spots you definitely need to check out to catch a glimpse of your muse.

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The Arrivals Gate At The Airport

They have to get here somehow...and we really don't think big stars such as Idris Elba (who should be the next James Bond) and Keira Knightley are taking the Greyhound to Toronto. The hard part is getting there. But hey, if you're determined, this will be a juicy spot.

44 Gerrard Street East

Ryerson Theatre School

This one's for you, Rye High students. You get first dibs on Toronto's biggest film festival. Red carpet events are happening outside the Ryerson Theatre. The walkway you usually trudge along will be strutted upon by myriads of celebrities, photographers and reporters. Maybe you'll be on your way home after an excruciatingly long lecture only to notice Ryan Gosling answering questions. This is at your finger tips, ladies.

100, 1250 Bay Street

Starbucks At Yorkville

Every celebrity seemingly can't resist their triple shot, whipped cream covered chocolate caramel mocha macchiato with a dash of cinnamon and sprinkles. Or iced tea. Regardless, keep an eye out on Starbucks at the Bay subway location. Even the stars need a caffeine kick in the morning.

550 Wellington Street West

The Thompson Hotel

Popular celebs like Brad Pitt have reportedly stayed at that hotel you've probably had one too many on the rooftop lounge before. The Thompson is also known to throw big after parties that stars attend. The trick is getting in.

10 Temperance Street

The Chase Restaurant

Celebrities have been known to frequent this establishment to catch a bite. The patio itself is worth a visit as it offers a unique visual experience of overshadowing Bay street office buildings.

100 Front Street West

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

One of the coolest and most imposing looking hotels in the city will be taking in some stars this month and hosting special events for the duration of the festival. It's close to Roy Thomson Hall where a ton of films are screened and will be a revolving door of celebrities.


Yes, it is broad to point out that Yorkville is a hot spot. But it's true. Restaurants like Sassafraz and Momofuku have a history of popular patrons including Robert Downey Jr. and Colin Firth.You can also grab a coffee and take a stroll around the neighborhood with your eyes wide open. Maybe Robert DeNiro will brush past you on his way to the cinema.

60 Simcoe Street

Roy Thomson Hall

Second to TIFF Lightbox, most of the buzz and celebrity appearances will be unfolding there. Better save a spot early to have a good eye line. It's going to be crazy and loud.

50 Bloor Street West

Holt Renfrew

Located on Bloor Street, starlets such as Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johannson have been reported shopping. Brands like Holt Renfrew often offer free gifts to celebrities to be endorsed later on. It's easy to know when someone popular is taking a look at what's in stock because super fans and curious onlookers crowd the front door of the store.

87 Avenue Road

Whole Foods

Celebrities are humans too, and sometimes they need a snack. A nice healthy organic snack they can afford on the multimillion dollar salary of their previous box office hit.

461 King Street West

Brassaii Restaurant

Every year Brassaii hosts exclusive events for high profile guests during TIFF. Unless you're invited, your best chance is to hang back outside and watch who shows up to party.

118 Yorkville Avenue

The Hazelton Hotel

Easy to access, it's a perfect opportunity to grab a drink and observe. Ben Affleck has been seen dining at the hotel restaurant among other A-list actors.

350 King Street West

TIFF Lightbox

All the main action happens here. It's going to be chaos on King Street West and it's going to be awesome. Be sure to hang around and enjoy the sight as your favourite stars embrace the masses and do what they do that makes them the big bucks.

Chill on one of the many patios across the street and take in the starstruck craziness that infects this city every year.

Who knows, maybe you'll score an autograph

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