Everyone suffers from being "hangry"(angry + hungry) every once and a while, myself included. In a city like Toronto that has an endless amount of amazing restaurant options, there is no reason why you or your bae should ever be hangry!

Next time your cravings get the best of you, or your partner starts to get a little snippy before dinner, try suggesting one of these awesome places.

Enjoy Toronto! 

1. El Rey // 2a Kensington Ave.

El Rey is a new addition to the Toronto restaurant scene, but it has quickly become a summer hot spot! Their Mexican styled dishes are extremely flavourful. Don't forget to wash them down with a tasty cocktail!

2. Mamma Martino's // 624 The Queensway

Mamma Martino's is an Etobicoke favourite not only for their authentic Italian cuisine, but also for their large portion sizes. If your bae is getting a little too hangry, take them here so they can indulge in these huge portions for a cheap price (the most expensive entree is $11.95).

3. Campo // 244 Jane St.

Campo is a great restaurant in Bloor West Village that is sure to meet your significant other's expectations.  Campo has a super chill vibe, and calming decor.  There is no way your date will be able to keep up with their hangry attitude after being at Campo.

4. Foxley Bistro and Bar // 207 Ossington Ave.

Foxley has one of the most underrated patios in the city.  It offers a super laid back vibe, with asian infused dishes and great drink options.  Who can be salty when sipping sangria on a patio?

Photo cred -@camicooks

5. Big Crow // 176 Dupont St.

If your bae is craving BBQ, Big Crow is the place to take them.  A stunning patio, plus amazing food and incredible service equals to a dream date for you and your significant other!

6. Chabrol // 90 Yorkville Ave.

If you're looking to spoil your special someone, take them to Chabrol.  Indulge in their delicious oysters and extensive wine list!

7. Provo Food Bar // 308 Dundas St W.

Whether you're looking for a boozy brunch or a late night bite, Provo has you covered.  Their chicken and waffles are a must-try, as well as the maple glazed salmon.

8. Ufficio // 1214 Dundas St. West

The staff at Ufficio will make you feel right at home. The laid back atmosphere and impeccable service makes for a very enjoyable dining experience with your loved one. P.S. They also offer an awesome Sunday Brunch.

9. Honest Weight // 2766 Dundas St W.

Honest Weight is known for their incredibly fresh ingredients.  Your date will be super impressed with this restaurant choice, especially because it's new to the city.  If you're dating a foodie, take them to Honest Weight!

Photo cred -@madeline.ltaylor

10. Cluny Bistro // 35 Tank House Lane.

If you can't afford to go to Paris, go to Cluny.  This French styled bistro is sure to knock your partner off their feet.  Not only is the decor extremely impressive, but the food is absolutely delicious.

11. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza // 1168 Queen St E.

If you or your date are pizza lovers, please take them to Descendant Detroit Style Pizza.  They offer so many different pizzas, and they are all drool-worthy.

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