Liberal Arts and Sciences, English Language and Literature, Accounting, History...Blah blah blah, how boring. Most students will begin their college or university career with an undeclared degree,  hoping to decide on a major within their freshman year or because their parents gave them no other choice than to be a doctor or a lawyer.

You're in luck, I've done some thorough and interesting research that could potentially determine your future career. Are you unsure of what you want to major in school? Well, how about you try something absolutely different from the norm and choose a major from this list of 8 unusual but cool college degrees in Canada. If you're already enrolled in a program or are a recent graduate, you'll most likely regret not majoring in these fields because I must say, they're pretty freaking cool:

1. Comedy // Humber College

Perfect your humour by enrolling in the Writing and Performance Comedy program offered at Humber College. With standup, improvisation, scriptwriting and sketch comedy courses, you'll polish off your natural born talent. Some of you may be familiar with Kurtis Conner, an internet sensation who graduated with this Comedy degree from Humber and became best known for his Vine videos.

2. Floral Management // Seneca College

If you're still picking he loves me, he loves me not daisies,  perhaps you should get into the floral industry. From design to management, marketing, horticulture and distribution courses, as well as practice in the floral laboratory - a diploma with this degree will make you an expert when it comes to knowing everything about flowers.

3. Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing // Nova Scotia College Of Art & Design

Creative people are destined to be in artsy programs. Perhaps if you were "the" pro of art and crafts during your childhood years, you should consider taking this program at NSCAD. You'll learn everything you need to know about distribution, jewellery making, stone setting, hollowware construction, design methodologies, computer assisted design and manufacturing. Have your bling game on point and perhaps one day you're brand will be as successful as Pnadora or Tiffany & Co!!

4. Golf Management // Georgian College

Ok serious question. Why would someone major in golf management? Well, a) you get to travel b) you play golf c) you'll meet famous golfers. Then, a second question arises. What career can come about with this degree? There's a slight chance you could be the next Tiger Woods, but most likely you'll be an instructor, deal with golf operators or best case scenario own a golf course.

5. Oceanography // Dalhousie University

You have to agree - this sounds like a pretty freaking cool degree. Specializing in marine life, doing ocean research and focusing on the oceanographic eco system? Thanks to this program at Dalhousie, you could discover the secrets of what's under the sea! After obtaining this degree, you could score a job as a research scientist, specializes in coastal ecology or fishery and pretty much anything that has to do with the under world! Dory and Nemo as bff's? Hell yea.

6. Puppetry // Humber College

You could study the art, creation and design of puppets at Humber College. In all honesty, this is a 14 day training program (not really a degree) but you will receive a certificate and these will probably be the most artistic 2 weeks of your life.

7. Wildlife Conservation // University Of Prince Edward Island

A BA in Wildlife Conservation would be the ideal major for animal lovers and those who are interested in obtaining a career involving wildlife. Your program will consist of taking bio, environmental and economic courses as well as  field training in which you will directly interact with wildlife.

8. Bakery Science // Durham College

You'll smell like fresh baked goodies and make the ultimate wedding cake for your bff. A bakery science degree is an advanced baking and pastry arts graduate certificate program that will teach you absolutely everything about sweet and savoury goods.

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