Everyone's always looking for the perfect snack that keeps you full, is healthy, and satisfies your cravings, that includes Victoria's Secret models. 

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Adriana Lima, one of Victoria's Secret's most famous Angels recently revealed her late night snack, that not only does all those things, but as the model claims also "helps you burn calories even in your sleep".


So what is this magical food? Buckwheat.

For those of you who have no idea what that is, this grain looks similar to porridge and it's extremely high in fiber. Buckwheat greatly helps with heart health, as well as cancer and diabetes prevention. Here's a close up:

via @mdizhur

Adriana Lima stated that she eats it hot or cold with hemp milk and honey, but really there are endless possibilities with this superfood.

Nutritionists have said that although it won't for sure help you burn calories while you sleep, it will definitely help with bloating due to its high fiber consistency. Either way, if it's good enough for Adriana Lima, it's good enough for you, so add this food into your diet ASAP!

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