As I've said about a million times on this website, dating in 2017 is really fvcking hard. In a society that seems to lean towards casual hookups and away from anything meaningful, looking for a relationship can start to feel impossible. How are we supposed to tell if a guy is looking for something serious or just a fling?

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Luckily, we have the advice of seasoned pros to help us out. Alessandra Conti is a professional matchmaker based in L.A. She recently sat down with Elite Daily to share some of her wisdom with us lowly mortals. Among her tips for ladies looking for lUuUv, Conti advised just how long to wait before sleeping with the guy you're seeing. Unlike this study, Conti says you don't need to worry about a specific number of dates.

Instead, she says there's only one thing you need to wait for: the exclusive talk. Until you know that you're the only person he's seeing, Conti advises against sleeping with a guy (if you're hoping it'll turn into a relationship, that is).

This is because, according to her, guys see women they're seeing in two different categories: women they would sleep with, and women they want to be their girlfriend. Until you're sure that you're in category 2, you should hold off on doing the deed, or you might find yourself upset when he doesn't call post-coitus.

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