By now, everyone is well aware of a student budget and how taxing it actually is. We're talking ramen 3 times a week and beer that tastes like week-old Britta water. So, naturally, not having to pay for rent could be an amazing way to save during the school year. But unless your parents just happened to buy a house in whatever small town you're going to school at, you're probably either 1. living at home or 2. coughing up the cash. 

If you're already a grandma or grandpa at heart - then good news! This might just be the perfect living arrangement for you. If you're a Western University music student that is. 

Western alum Heather Gingerich heard about a retirement home who housed both music students and seniors in the same environment. She was surprised at how incredible the atmosphere was as students chatted and performed for their older neighbours. 

Gingerich decided to bring a similar program to London, Ontario by offering free room and board for a select group of Western University music students at a retirement home close to campus.

The program plans to start up this October with three third-year students at Oakcrossing Retirement Living. In exchange for the complimentary room, utilities and meals, the students will spend twelve hours a week interacting with the retirees which will most likely be spent performing recitals in common rooms, impromptu concerts and simply practicing music for their older friends. 

Both students and Oakcrossing residents are excited for the program, saying that it's a "tremendous opportunity" for both parties to learn and appreciate one another through conversation, history and of course, music. 

Source: The Toronto Star

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