Before you even start, yes I am fully aware that Mean Girls was filmed in Toronto / The GTA.  This is mainly just an article looking at the idea of mean girls being filmed in 2016.

But realistically, a lot has changed since the iconic day of April 30, 2004.  AKA the day Mean Girls made its debut on the big screen (I know, sorry for making you feel old AF).

So if you're a true fan and you're looking to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, read on!

1. Cady wouldn't have actually been homeschooled, she just would have taken all online classes.

Because realistically in 2016 it's the same thing.

2. The "plastics" would have just been known as the "basics".

Uggs, VS Pink sweaters and Drake constantly blasting.

Gif Cred -Gighy

3. Karen, Regina, and Gretchen would have been "The Purge" for Halloween.

Dressed in full lingerie and accessorized with creepy masks and fake weapons.

4. Cady, Damien and Janis would have had a group chat.

Where they constantly planned how to take down Regina.

5. The Burn Book would have actually been the plastics tagging each other in savage memes on Instagram.

And blatantly calling out who they were talking about in the comments.

6. Aaron would have asked for Cady's iPhone charger in class.

And October 3rd would have never been the same.

7. Regina wouldn't have done car commercials in Japan, she would have been an Instagram model for 416 Shooter.

And would constantly post sponsored pics of teeth whitening strips and Triangle Bikinis.

8. Regina's mom would have had a fake butt instead of fake boobs.

After all, 2016 is the year of the booty.

9. Regina's sister would have been dancing to Khai's My Neck, My Back.

And you know she would be twerking as well.

10. The Plastics would still hang out at Sherway Gardens

Because realistically some things just don't change.

11. Regina would have been hit by a street car, not a school bus.

Just another reason to hate the TTC.

12. The plastics would have worn Peace Collective's Pink collection on Wednesdays.

And Cady would have had to have borrowed Damien's pink bomber jacket.

Gif Cred -Gighy

13. Janis would have worked at Sephora in Sherway.

And would absolutely slaaaaay at thick winged liner.

14. Kevin G. would have been really into Pokemon Go.

I have nothing to back this up, he just seems like the type.

15. Regina would have started to FaceTune her Instagrams when she started gaining weight.

And probably started drinking copious amounts of skinny tea.

16. Aaron would have thought Cady was a fvck girl after she turned shady.

Which is a pretty good judgment call.

17. The plastics would have never three way called, they would have face timed.

And Karen would get called out even harder for not actually being sick.

18. Regina would have picked everyone up in an Uber Black to go shopping.

Because who really wants to drive downtown?!

19. Karen would have wanted to go to Sweet Jesus, not Taco Bell.

And she definitly would have gotten the birthday cone.

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