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Surviving November, the beginning of Canadian winter requires a few key things, Hot Chocolate/French Vanilla from Tim Hortons, freshly baked muffin and or bagel toasted with cream cheese and bacon (never forget the bacon), warm fuzzy onesie pajama, a snuggy, and a Netflix password. Netflix password being the most important feature of this survival kit.

The reality of the situation is that nobody wants to get dressed and go out once it starts getting cold, so the colder it gets the higher Netflix usage gets and the more your Wi-Fi bill sky rockets (sorry mom). The tough part is spending time skimming the streaming site for what to watch, so we got you covered.

Old School

We're going streaking!!!! It is about freakin' time this movie get a spot in the Netflix Canada catalogue! Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn star in this 2003 classic about guys in their 30's going through a mid-life crisis and decide to start their own fraternity. Needless to say, things get out of control, real fast.


Say allo to my little friend! Scarface makes it Netflix Canada debut this month. The 1983 classic stars Al Pacino as Tony Montana, a cuban refugee turned drug lord who also really enjoys taking drugs. Chances are that if you are even remotely human you've already seen this movie so it doesn't need that much elaboration but now you can watch it on repeat.

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Critics hated this movie, we mean hated it! But guys who are into hot girls loved it for Blake Lively and Selma Hayek alone, while the ladies definitely didn't hate starring at bad ass Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson for 2 hours. The movie centers around what happens when drug cartel leader Elena sets her sights on a successful pot-growing operation run by two dudes, Ben and Chon. She kidnaps a girl to make her point but the two guys opt instead to involve a DEA agent and retaliate. The story itself is pretty sick but the execution isn't quite there. You gotta watch it for the pretty faces.

The Inbetweeners Movie

The first movie from the british sitcom, The Inbetweeners, is comedy gold. The four crazy brits that you hopefully already know and love from the sitcom, Will, Neil, Jay and Simon take off on a vacation to recover from a terrible final week at Rudge Park Comprehensive. The result is an R rating on Netflix Canada for strong crude and sexual content, some graphic nudity, language, alcohol and brief drug use. The film, like the series, doesn't follow much of a plot except to see what these four, often socially awkward, English boys can get themselves into.

Robin Hood

Russell Crowe stars as Robin Hood in this 2010 adaptation of the classic tale, this time with a massive budget. Robin, a soldier, happens upon the dying Robert of Loxley and sets out on a mission to fulfill his promise to return the dying mans sword to his family in Nottingham. It's everything you would expect from a big budget blockbuster action movie. 

Leap Year

Chick flicks need love too and this is a great one. First of all, it is set in breathtaking Ireland and second of all the male lead, played by Matthew Goode is dreamy. Leap Year is the story of Anna, played by Amy Adams, who chooses to follow her cardiologist boyfriend to Dublin, to propose to him on February 29th but her plans need re-evaluating after she meets a beautifully charming innkeeper.

Skins: Series 7

Skins is a huge show in England and they tried to bring it to the US but it sucked and got cancelled. Trust us and stick with the British version. The show is a sharp commentary on teenagers and centers around the tense, dramatic and flat out crazy lives of a group of adolescent friends (and sometimes lovers) as they go through their final two years at school. Netflix Canada is now up to the 7th and final season (series in UK terms). It gets pretty crazy so probably best not to watch it if your little cousin is in the room, trust us.

Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty

Available November 6th

We love stand up comedy specials on Netflix Canada because they're usually freakin' hilarious. Doug Benson is the stoner we all want to be best friends with and his latest special, Doug Dynasty (clever!) is guaranteed to be effing funny. He is, by definition, a stoner comic so if you aren't into jokes about weed and/or being a stoner than you may want to skip this one. If not, role a joint and get some snacks because November 6th is coming up soon!


Available November 7th

This one is a different kind of suggestion but it is so beautiful and so moving, we highly recommend it. Virunga is a netflix original documentary about the search for oil in Congo. It is the true story of idealistic conservationists, armed militia and a struggle to protect the Congo's natural resources. The film features some pretty freakin' incredible people who have dedicated their lives to making sure the last of the mountain gorillas are protected and that their wildlife remains in tact.

God's Pocket

Available November 8th

God's Pocket stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his last roles and it made its rounds on the film festival circuit to mixed reviews. If you're a fan of Hoffman then this film is definitely a must-watch. The film is a dramedy about Mickey, played by Hoffman, whose step-son Leon dies in a construction mishap, fronted as an accident. Nobody in the neighborhood cares that he is gone and Mickey tries his best to bury any and all secrets with Leon until the boy's mother sets out on a hunt for the truth. Mickey's life gets pretty hard on him.

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Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats

Available November 14th

Netflix and Netflix Canada is fast becoming a great outlet for stand-up comics. Their specials are taking over and Chelsea Peretti is taking advantage. She is one bad ass female comedienne and you need to check out her special when it hits Netflix Canada on the 14th. She has no problem saying anything that she wants and in her own words, telling it like it is.

The Ides Of March

Available November 16th

A Ryan Gosling film that a lot of his loyal female following probably skip over because it looks too serious but first of all ladies, did we mention it has Ryan and George Clooney? Match made in cinematic heaven. The movie is actually pretty great and we highly recommend it! It's the story of Stephen Meyers, played by Gosling, a junior campaign manager during a presidential election. Like a lot of movies about politics, things are shady and eventually get too shady for Meyers but getting out isn't all that easy for him. We won't spoil it for you but we love the ending of this movie.

Fading Gigolo

Available November 17th

This movie is good for one thing and one thing only, the chemistry between Woody Allen, who plays Murray, and John Turturro, who plays his kinda, sorta, friend, Fioravante. It premiered at Tiff last year and a lot of people said the cast was the only good part but we love Woody Allen and we love Woody Allen trying to orchestrate a threesome in exchange for money. That my friends, is the plot of the movie, an older man strapped for cash tries to convince his younger buddy to participate in a threesome so that they can both get some money, not even kidding.


Available November 23rd

This 2012 action meets science fiction movie is worth checking out this month on Netflix Canada even if you aren't necessarily into this type of movie. It is the story of a super violent city set in the future where police also serve as judge, jury and executioner. A cop teams up with a trainee to take down a gang that deal a drug called SLO-MO that alters reality. The movie is just as strange as it sounds, just how we like it.

Trailer Park Boys Don't Legalize It

Available November 29th

Julian, Ricky and Bubbles are adding to their presence on Netflix this month! On November 29th you can stream their latest movie Don't Legalize It. This time Julian has just gotten released from jail and he is completely broke (shocker) but he has a plan to make the boys rich as all hell. The only thing that stands in the way is the government wanting to legalize marijuana. As per usual the gang gets into some pretty hysterical situations. A classic for fans of the franchise.

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