When you get down to it, university and college students struggle to find extra cash in their pockets. With the costs of tuition, books, and midnight snacks, you might find yourself hibernating in your dorm room until you find yourself a place to hangout at that won't eat up your money. But you can't deny that student life in the city is usually hectic and an attraction or event will always lure you in from time to time. It's a good thing the city of Toronto has taken account of broke, hungry, and event seeking students...

1. Future's Bakery

483 Bloor St. W

The bakery offers five dollar breakfasts to students only during the academic year, before 11:00 AM on weekdays, which is probably the exact time you'll be panicking about the little time you have left before that 9:00 AM lecture. So bring your unfinished readings and class material to review over an early morning cup of coffee and some muffins. Future's knows your student budget inside and out.

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2. The Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas St. W

One of the most serene, breathtaking locations in the heart of The Annex includes the AGO. Being a Toronto museum, they include some of the world's most prominent artists, like Monet and Picasso. It's also a great place to revisit some exquisite Canadian talent, like Alex Colville and Cornelius Krieghoff. The museum provides students with a couple of ways to save money before indulging in their masterpieces. You can go free on Tuesdays after 3:00 PM. If you can't make it, there's still a way to get in: full time students can flash their IDs anytime, any day and only pay 11 dollars a ticket, versus the $19.50 regulars are expected to pay.

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3. Black Creek Pioneer Village

1000 Murray Ross Parkway

Situated right next to York University, you can have the chance to go back in time and experience life like settlers in Canada did more than 200 years ago. With learning all about 19th century Canada, comes amazing student prices to entice you as well. You receive 3 dollars of your ticket, and that's enough to lure any social event-deprived-bankrupt-university student.

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4. Toronto International Film Festival

350 King St. W

For such a star studded event, you'd think that the price to see Jennifer Aniston steering clear from Angie on the red carpet would require you to pay an arm and leg. Au contraire - if you wish to check out a "regular" screening at this years festival, show up with your student card and pay the fair price of $10.50 for admission. Not only do you pay to watch celebrities show up to watch themselves on screen, but now, you can join in on the much anticipated fun too.

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5. Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queens Park

There isn't anything that the ROM doesn't offer visitors. Paintings, sculptors, masks and artifacts have been carefully chosen to appear at the museum, and the exhibits are changed over a fair amount of time. Located next to the University of Toronto, the ROM is an excellent place for students to visit, especially for you art history students during pressed times for assignment deadlines. Does this sound like you? If so, the ROM has your back. Entry is free every Tuesday for students attending a post secondary institution in Canada, and any other day you get a dollar off from the regular admission price.

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6. Art Square Gallery & Cafe

334 Dundas St. W

Depending on who you are, you could be able to snag some pretty good student discounts at this cafe. Located near OCADU, the cafe offers art and great coffee all under one roof. With a valid student ID, a 13% discount is offered for anything you purchase at the cafe during any day of the week. Here's where it gets tricky: only the first ten OCADU students who walk in on a Monday get a coffee absolutely free! Maybe that's a sign to get to class early from now on.

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7. Roots

This is something you can expect from a good ole' Canadian franchise. Bring along your student ID the next time you decide to buy a new wallet or hoodie from Roots, and you could save 20 percent with their student discount, only on regular priced items. Or, you can purchase anything on sale and you'll still be able to get away with 10 percent off some major sale items. With those discounts, it's safe to say you're paying a low price for a piece of clothing with a beaver on the front.

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