Who doesn't love to travel? If you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful things our world has to offer, take advantage of it as much as you can. It's never too late to travel, but it may be easier to get time off work before you get that salary job.

Everyone has their own travel preferences depending on a variety of factors, whether it's food, climate or culture. However the question is, could your zodiac sign determine your next destination? Use this guide to help you plan your next trip according to your horoscope:

1. Capricorn

Capricorns would rather not travel alone, therefore they should consider taking a trip to Thailand and rent a villa with some friends. The word "Thailand" means "land of the free", which perfectly describes the typical characteristics of a Capricorn. Pack your bags Capricorn and head on over to Bangkok. Check out the tropical beaches, various temples and of course, the globally recognized "full moon" party.

2. Aquarius

Aquarians are considered to be one of the most unique zodiacs. They like unusual places and are always looking forward to new adventures. Aquarians should plan their next trip to Costa Rica to explore the jungle, go zip lining, discover new animal species and surf the waves. Costa Rica has over 121 volcanic formations and nearly 300 beaches that an Aquarian would love to explore!

3. Pisces

Aloha Hawaii! Pisces are also a water sign, therefore they should be travelling around water. Hawaii is the only state in America that is composed of 132 islands, 124 islets, reefs, and shoals (enough islands to swim around). Pisces are known to be very emotional, therefore they can undergo a lot of stress at times. Take a trip to the sunshine state, enjoy paradise and forget about all their worries. 

4. Aries

Aries have a lot of energy to dole out and they are very courageous. Their next trip may take  a lot of travel time but it will fulfill their dynamic personality. An Aries is always down for adventure, therefore they should go to New Zealand! Head on over to Queenstown and go bungee jumping from the 134m jump above the Nevis River or try rolling down in a zorb in Rotorua.( get inside a large ball and go down a slope.)

5. Taurus

Taureans enjoy high quality of life, which means they're interested in going somewhere extravagant. Plan a trip to Maldives because the amenities there are exceptional and you'll experience luxury at its finest! Stay at a lavish hotel or a rent a villa on clear water, have dinner on a private beach and enjoy the phenomenal spa services.

6. Gemini

Geminis are always ready for fun, therefore they need to travel to a city that never sleeps. How about Vegas? Geminis are always stuck in the loop between things, sometimes they make decisions they regret the next morning. That is why Vegas is the perfect place to go; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Enjoy pool parties during the day, notorious late night parties and several other activities Sin City has to offer.

7. Cancer

It's hard to get a Cancer out of their comfort zone, but once they get used to an environment they'll let loose. They'll easily adapt to Amsterdam after having some brownies?. After that, a Cancer can enjoy a trip on the canal or a bike ride, then have a couple of Heinekens and gin and tonics at the nearest bar.

8. Leo

Go to Ibiza Leo, because it's the party island in Europe! Leos are very confident and comfortable in social environments, therefore if they go to Ibiza they'll have the time of their life! They're very independent, that guarantees they'll be the last one standing (till 8 am) if any of their friends decide to call it a night. Out of all the zodiacs Leos most definitely can handle the crazy party scene in Ibiza.

9. Virgo

Virgos are very observant and value memorable travel experiences. Of course they want to party wherever they go, but they also want to explore and discover the life of every city. Head over to London and discover the city's true icons, from the Big Ben to the red telephone booths, and of course go on a pub crawl to check out London's greatest bars. 

10. Libra

Libras are lovers of beauty, they need to plan their trip to a picturesque destination. They enjoy places where there is excitement and adventure, therefore they need to book their trip ASAP to The French Riviera in South of France. The luxurious lifestyle, the playground for the rich-and --famous and the magnificent beaches will leave the Libra speechless. The French Riviera is also known to have the best weather in October, just in time for Libras birthday!

11. Scorpio

Scorpios are very dynamic and daring, they should plan their next trip to Morocco. This remarkable journey will encompass adventure, wilderness, culture and history. Scorpios will look forward to exploring the desert, beaches, traditional foods and several other activities this country has to offer. Morocco is so exotic, welcoming, warm and captivating. It will satisfy all expectations of every Scorpio.

12. Sagittarius

Every Sagittarius yearns for wanderlust because they have the strongest desire travel sign out of the 12 zodiacs. Their open mind and reflective vista encourages them to travel the world to discover the true meaning of life. Sagittarius is constantly on the move, they need to take a couple of weeks off to go on a Europe or Asia trip to fulfill their fancy. The more countries a Sagittarius explores, the happier they will be.

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