Shawn Mendes is quickly becoming Canada's next heart throb. The 18-year-old singer and guitarist has had a great year so far, experiencing much success with his latest album Illuminate and having a slew of sold out shows worldwide. Needless to say, he's come a long way from his Vine days.

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Born in the suburb of Pickering, which is just 45 minutes away from Toronto, Shawn has close ties to his hometown. Whenever he's in the city, he often visits a few places, some of which he once said were his favourites. 

The next time Shawn Mendes is in town and you're looking to casually run into him, here are some spots you can try your luck at:

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Great Hall

1087 Queen St W

The Great Hall is, according to Shawn Mendes, his favourite place to visit in Toronto. It's the place where he does all of his rehearsals and prep before doing shows in the city. The Victorian-era venue holds several events, including concerts, shows and weddings.

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High Park

1873 Bloor St W

High Park, in Shawn Mendes' words, is "a sense of wilderness in the middle of the big city." It's was the location where he filmed the music video for his song Believe. Shawn claimed that this was the place he'd choose if he had to go somewhere to spend time with a friend.

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Fat Bastard

1118 Queen St W

Fat Bastard is Shawn's go-to burrito spot. The little shop serves all sorts of burritos, from classics like BBQ pulled pork to specialties like battered fish and Baja chipotle. 

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Chronic Ink

252 Eglinton Ave E

Chronic Ink is where Shawn Mendes got his first tattoo: an iconic guitar-and-skyline hybrid. The story behind the tattoo is a truly meaningful one - it incorporates the Toronto skyline as the neck of the guitar, stretching to his hometown of Pickering in the body, and a sound wave of his parents saying "I love you". If ever Shawn needs to get inked again, chances are he'll go back to the people he trusts at Chronic Ink.

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Liberty Village

The Goodlife at Liberty Village is a place where Shawn Mendes is often sighted. On some occasions, he was spotted working on his physique in the main gym. A few years ago, he tweeted that he got a Goodlife membership for his birthday, so he probably uses it at locations all over the GTA.

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