When you're involved with someone you love, it's hard to take advice from anyone but your significant other. Even if you know you can do better, you shut out every one of your friends and "follow your heart." Love isn't easy and no matter how many times you experience the same mishap in a relationship or the same type of guy, you never learn. No matter how many times you've been treated poorly, you keep letting it happen. Well, it's time you stopped letting him walk all over you and stand up for what you deserve.

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We can all relate to this feeling in someway or another. These are the reasons why you just can't give up on him even though you know you should...

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He eventually comes around.

When you're fighting or simply on rough terms, he always seems to come back at just the right time. Even though the in between part sucks, you only choose to focus on the good.

You know you will be even unhappier alone.

Everyone says that you can find someone 10x better, but in your head you know that you will be miserable without him. It's better to stick it out than to be alone.

He says the cutest things just when you're about to let go.

All your gfs say "words mean nothing, it's actions that matter", but when he tells you how much he loves you after treating you like sh*t all week, nothing else matters.

You have invested so much time into your relationship.

It makes you sick to think how much effort you have put into your relationship, but at the same time, that effort makes you stay.

He occasionally does something amazing.

Normally you plan everything, but that ONE TIME he does something romantic, you fall to your knees.

You have a heart of gold.

You only see the good in people, including him. You love him so much even if he doesn't treat you properly.

He talks about the future.

Whether it's the near future or marriage, if he mentions anything about what's to come for you two, you can't help but hope things will change.

You shut out the bad things.

You pretend that all the negative names he's called you, or the many times he's ditched you, don't matter at all.

He justifies everything.

His words are manipulative. You never win an argument because he always convinces you that you're at fault.

You're a dreamer.

If he changed, you know that your relationship could be amazing. You won't ever stop dreaming that one day, that will come true.

He plays with your heart strings.

When you try and give him sh*t for being a bad boyfriend, he talks about how stressed he is, his family issues or basically anything to make you feel bad.

You pretend you're not a romantic.

Your friends try and convince you otherwise, but you refuse to believe you're a romantic. You'd rather have someone ignore you than swarm you with love and treat you the way you should be treated.

No matter what, you will never stop hoping that things will change. Stop hoping and start realizing that you deserve better.

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