"This years gonna be my year!" 

"Okay I'll totally start being less negative, starting this school year it's happening." 

"I'll just start fresh next year, it's fine." 

Who hasn't said something along these lines before? It's as cliche as making your New Years Resolution "I'm going to start working out everyday!" (Even though you don't really need to). We find one thing we may want to change about ourselves, whether it's the way we complain about the TTC, the take out food we're getting, or the impulse hair colour change we did- and then we make a sweeping statement about how everything is going to change! New me! Not yet though, in a couple months. When we can make a grand reveal to the world.

For some reason in our culture there's a stereotype that you need a new year, or a huge landmark like a new school year, for a (and I cringe) new you! And as the fireworks go off around the ads telling you that these new clothes will change all out problems (cause discounted sweaters = boyfriends right?!), we put off all the things that are bugging us, or holding us back. All until that magical date where we can ~change~.

There's two big problems with this magical date though. 

Waiting for a big landmark event to change means you automatically limit yourself to when you can start living the life you want. We all do it, we think we need to wait to change. And if you want to change your hair, or your jokes, or the kind of life you live, why on earth should you have to wait for a new year to start that? We're so lucky to live in Canada, and more specifically in Toronto. We're surrounded by a city of ever changing culture and trends that are so on point even Vogue is jealous. It's only human nature that being surrounded by an unreal environment like this we'd want to change things up every once and awhile. And believe me there are too many independent, booty shaking, confidence boosting songs on the radio now to stop you from going after what you want, when you want it.

So why do we still feel the need to wait?

The second issue comes with the age old problem we all have; the idea that someone else has to give you validation that you made the right change. We, myself definitely included, always feel the need for someone else to tell us when we made the right decision, then we can feel comfortable with our change and go on with our lives. I'm talking about the real life equivalent to the double-tap insta like. You know- you're strutting down the hall, wind blowing in your face, and someone turns their head (very dramatically of course) and comments on how amazing you look! What a change! You look so great! But what if they don't say that? What if they actually don't like the "new you". (If I use that term one more time I think this may become a motivational poster).

The answer? Who the f*ck cares. 

If you want to change something in your life, why do you have to wait for someone to tell you it's the right change? Imagine if you were able to just put on that new pair of shoes, or pick up that new hobby, regardless of what other people thought? Imagine the freedom that could come with not needing validation from other people that you made a change that is the "right" one. If you like it, in my books and hopefully yours, then that's more than enough to be happy.

The last time I checked, the people that we all try to impress aren't attached to your hip, living your life with you. If someone is doing things you don't agree with, obviously you don't have to like it, but you know to respect that it is their life. If it doesn't effect you, and isn't hurting anyone, why should it bother you? The same holds true for anyone who may happen to pass judgement on you. It doesn't effect them, and if you're not hurting anyone, it is so not worth your time or energy to effect the way you feel about your fabulous new self.

So don't wait to change anything about yourself. You picking up what I'm putting down? There's no magical date. There's no go ahead you need to wait for in order to make a change in your own life. Just live, you're beyond good enough.

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