Anyone who lives in Toronto knows that the city consists of many boroughs. North York in particular, is a district located in the central part of the northern area of Toronto. Known as one of the most diverse areas of Toronto, it is home to some of the most prestigious areas, but also to some of the poorest.

Although we share similar characteristics to other boroughs in Toronto, there are a few traits that define and distinguish us North York kids from the others.

If you're from this side of town, I'm sure there are a few signs you can relate to, all too well.

1. You or someone you know works at Yorkdale Mall.

It's actually inevitable to walk around Yorkdale without seeing somebody you know. Now that the new expansion opened up, everrrrrrrryone is going to be there.

2. You used to walk along Orfus for "fun".

Although it's considered to be ratchet now, you somehow find yourself on Orfus Rd., buying something cheap. If it's a nice summer day, you'll probably walk from Dufferin all the way to Caledonia and probably grab a hot dog along the way.

3. You thought that Yonge and Eglinton was popping.

For some reason, you and your friends considered this a fun night out.

4. You find yourself convincing people that it doesn't take you THAT long to get downtown.

"You live all the way there?!" Guys, it's seriously not that far, I don't live in Narnia.

5. You're always tempted to buy Cinnabon when you're at Eglinton Station.

How can you not be tempted when you smell cinnamon rolls being made the second you exit the train?

6. You know that Drake went to Forest Hill.

"He went to school not too far from here!"

7. Mandarin was the go-to for school events or a graduation luncheon.

And we looked forward to it every single time.

8. Learning the TTC and traveling downtown was hella important growing up.

Before we had the luxury of google maps, we actually had to learn how to read the subway map and understand where the heck we were going. Traveling from Downsview or Wilson station and understanding you can get off at St.George to cut across the Yonge line = pure anxiety.

"I'll just ride the loop."

9. People assume you attend York University, but you actually go to UofT or Ryerson.

Why would we stay in the North York area? It's all about that downtown life! (until you're downtown every day, then you realize how annoying it is too).

10. Going downtown use to be a big deal.

Taking the subway passed St.Clair West or York Mills? Boy, an adventure was in store for you.

11. You know the best Shawarma spots.

Let's be real, the best shawarma places are found in North York. Euroshawarma anyone?

 12. If it was a snowy day, your ass was NOT going to school.

You proclaimed your own snow day and stayed home because it would have taken way too damn long.

13.  You have access to the best-imported grocery stores.

Whether it's a Latino, West Indian or Asian supermarket - North York has the best options to choose from.

Markettino, Homeland, BTrust...who needs No Frills?

14. You live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.

That's the cool thing about North York, you are exposed to so many different cultures.

15. None of your downtown or midtown friends wanted to come party in your area...or come over at all.

"You live in Narnia..."

16. If you're caught in a TTC delay, it takes you HOURS to get home.

Forget about taking the 41 or the 35. Don't even THINK about taking the 29 as your route home. And if you're stuck on the subway, well you better do some reading - it's going to be a long ride.

17.  Trying to explain to people that it only takes you 30 minutes to get downtown on a good day, but almost 2 hours on a bad day.

It is what it is.

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