Toronto is home to some pretty amazing neighbourhoods. Every area has something to offer. These areas also have pretty specific characteristics that keep our city unique and lively.

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Don't know what I'm talking about? Let's just say there's a huge difference from living in Liberty Village versus Parkdale. The difference in these Toronto neighbourhoods can only be explained through different Drake songs.

Where are you from? Worst Behaviour? Or Marvins Room? Find out below:

The Annex  

Hold On We're Going Home - Nothing Was The Same

The Annex is a super lax neighbourhood. Full of students and cheap eats, Hold On We're Going Home is the perfect song for The Annex. Young students under the stars (and the influence) could belt this summer anthem on the roofs of their 3 bedroom apartments. Bliss. 

The Beaches

One Dance - Views

What better track to embody the sandy beaches than One Dance, Drake's island inspired anthem featuring up and coming artists Wiz Kid and Kyla. Beaches + One Dance = The equation for the perfect summer day. Don't argue with me on this. 


Plastic Bag - What A Time To Be Alive

Remember What A Time To Be Alive? Neither does anyone. Cabbagetown is one of those areas that is transitional. You never really go there, you might just pass it on your way east or downtown. Not the most memorable neighbourhood let's put it that way. Just a plastic bag drifting through the wind (shoutout to Katy Perry). 


Keep The Family Close - Views

There's a pretty cool sense of community in Chinatown. Local vendors and restaurants line the streets. The concept of family and unity is extraordinarily prominent in this neighbourhood. As Drake always says, keep the family close (and your enemies closer). There are bare fruit stands on Spadina okay? Competition is stiff. All love though for the fam. 

The Danforth 

Preach - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

The Danforth, also known as Greek Town is similar to Chinatown with their sense of community. The more chill vibes in The Danforth reflect PARTYNEXTDOOR's amazing hook. The official Greek fest anthem (basically). 


Crew Love - Take Care

There's nothing more Toronto than Yonge and Dundas square. It's practically our times square. What better track to describe the downtown core than Crew Love featuring 2 of Toronto's biggest music prodigies: The Weeknd and of course Drake. There's nothing more Toronto than wearing a t-shirt that says Home Is Toronto while listening to Crew Love under the bright lights of Yonge and Dundas. Actually... Maybe add a Sweet Jesus ice cream cone in there. 

The Distillery District

Over - Thank Me Later

"I know way too many people here right now" - Everyone's first thought in the distillery district. It's the prime spot for birthdays, dates, family gatherings, photoshoots etc. Except if you're thinking that, that means you're also there often. So it's probably too late (Drake pun count: 1). 

The Financial District

Pop Style - Views

This district is among the richest in the whole city. Pop Style is literally anthem about being rich and famous, which is exactly how the people who live here feel. Keep popping your style financial dudes and gals - I'll keep work work work work working (Drake pun count: 2).  

Forest Hill

Started From The Bottom - Nothing Was The Same

I like to imagine people who live in Forest Hill singing this song sitting in their Mansions in silk loungewear drinking scotch petting some purebred fancy ass looking dog. Regardless if they ACTUALLY started from the bottom. 

Kensington Market

Worst Behaviour - Nothing Was The Same

Kensington Market is home to the misfits. People of all ages, races and lifestyles live here. If Toronto was made into a movie, the montage of Kenzo would be to this song. No questions asked. These people know themselves (Drake pun count: 3) and aren't afraid to yell: "motherfucker never loved us" at all times. 


With You - Views

This Toronto neighbourhood has been compared to Williamsburg Brooklyn, and is super family friendly and up and coming. What better song than With You to give mad hopeful and fun vibes. Can PARTYNEXTDOOR do any wrong?

Liberty Village

Jumpman - What A Time To Be Alive

There's lots of startups in Liberty Village trying to jump to success. Everything is up to something, watch out Toronto. This neighbourhood is about to slam dunk on all of you. 


No Long Talk - More Life

Parkdale = Giggs. The legend British rapper is super lowkey. He's s also mad tough, but only if you push him the wrong way. Similar to how to city feels about Parkdale. 


Energy - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

"I got real ones livin' past Kennedy Road/I got real ones wit' me everywhere that I go" - every Scarborough man. You all bump Drake's headbanging tunes on the reg, even though I know you all still listen to Marvin's Room and Fire and Desire when you're in your feels. Don't lie to me.  


Big Rings - What A Time To Be Alive

You go to blow dry bars, you drink $800 lattes and you have big rings. Yorkville stand up, this one's for you! 

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