You know those days when it seems like every little thing is going wrong? Your job's a joke, you're broke, and love life- oh wait, wrong intro. But still very relatable to the 90 percent of us that are stressing out. Life can be rough sometimes, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. It just means your mind and body are giving you signs that you should basically, well, calm the fvck down and take some time for yourself.

Everyone relaxes differently: while some people need to blow off some steam at the gym to relax, others prefer the 'never-getting-out-of-bed' route.

Luckily, there's no one way to relax and Kingston just happens to offer some unreal options for you to take time just for yourself. Because let's be honest, not only could we all use it, but we all deserve it. See what works for you and enjoy the 613.

via @immersefloatspa

via @immersefloatspa

1. Float your troubles away at Immerse Spa!

Float therapy may sound like one of those things that you could never picture yourself doing because to be honest, the first time you heard of it you might have shrugged it off as just another trend. Well, Immerse spa is happily thriving in the 613 and proving us all wrong. Float therapy helps with physical relief, mental clarity, decreased anxiety, pain relief, and better sleep. Also, it helps increase reaction time and creativity, so you can be saying "hey wassup hello" to your new calm vibe much quicker. For 49 dollars, you can get a basic monthly membership (6-month commitment), which includes 50% off the oxygen bar, 1 float a month, and unlimited additional floats for 45 dollars.

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2. Find your zen at Studio 330.

Ever since Dallas brought her years of yoga experience to open up this downtown oasis, students and locals have been flocking here (gracefully and zen-like duh). The studio is inviting, open, and bright, but also comes with the bad ass humour and years of experience each yoga teacher has. The result? Classes that are as relaxing and refreshing as they are playful and hilarious. Drop in for 20 dollars to try one out! Schedule here.

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3. Clear your head and take a walk (and take in the views!) through Grass Creek Park.

Sometimes you need to escape, even if it's just for a couple hours. A quick trip to the beautiful and expansive Grass Creek Park is the perfect solution. A 20-minute drive from downtown will get you to this beachy park with a stunning view of Lake Ontario. Bring your bestie (so we're bringing our dogs duh), or your favourite book and enjoy calming time away from all your worries. Best part? Besides the price you'll have to pay for gas, it's absolutely free.

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4. Take a trip downtown to a dessert lovers paradise and head to Cocoa 70.

Craving some calm with a side of chocolate fondue? Cocoa 7o is the ideal place if you're looking for a relaxing way to catch up with some friends after a hectic day. And it DEFINITELY does not hurt that they have a decadent menu filled with gourmet sweets. You not feeling a chocolate pizza? No worries, maybe a milk chocolate classic waffle with fresh fruit, chocolate coated cereal, marshmallows (for grilling duh) chocolate covered ice cream, milk chocolate fondue for dipping is more your fancy? Yes, this is real life. And it's waiting for you on King St.

via @serenityspakingston

via @serenityspakingston

5. Good hair day = great day; make it happen at Serenity Spa!

Serendipity Spa is a block from the downtown core and offers up a wide range of services specifically made for you to feel (yup, you guessed it) serene. But not just, "Okay ya that was nice", you'll walk out of this place feeling like you're walking on a cloud (or sun depending on your preference in music). Rave reviews for the quality of the service and the staff only add to the inviting aura of this spa. $25 will get you a shampoo and style so you can go from 0 to FLY real quick. Here is a list of their other services to check out!

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6. Enjoy the local talent with some unreal live music at Musiikki Cafe.

This Kingston cafe is the hidden gem you've been waiting for. It's an intimate cafe that redefines cool. Start with a fresh espresso in the morning or sip some fine whiskey, scotch or bourbon to finish off the night while settling into the cosy and hip atmosphere. Head here for one of their amazing live music acts for a chill night of amazing local talent that surrounds you in this small space. Watch The Goodnight Irenes play for Folk Wednesdays, enjoy Monday Jazz on (duh) Monday, or maybe even try your hand in the Kingston Drum Circle. Who knows what you'll end up liking, and with a warm atmosphere you'll always feel at ease. With live music every night, the question isn't if you should go but when.

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7. Savour the decadent sweets you deserve at The Dessert Indulgence.

Just the sound of rich hot chocolate made with real Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and a housemade marshmallow is enough to bring your stress level down. So where to go to find this decadent oasis? Head to this elegant European style dessert cafe bakery for the gourmet dessert that you deserve. Let yourself enjoy the smooth textures and sweet tastes of delicious cakes, pastries, and more. As if it couldn't get any better, all of their goodies are made fresh daily (in-house) using produce from local farms. The exposed brick interior makes it a refined place to enjoy your treat, or take it to go and take a stroll by the waterfront path across the street!

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