There's some serious skill that you need to have to be good at axe throwing. It takes aim, precision and strength to be able to throw a hefty axe all the way across a room and hit a target right on the bullseye. 

But that's the fun of axe throwing! Some people have that natural skill and some people need some extra practice to get there. You can get competitive with your friend group or you can just enjoy some light hearted fun! 

There's an axe throwing spot that has locations all across Ontario and even some in the US that's offering a day of free axe throwing! 

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BATL Grounds Axe Throwing is offering completely free axe throwing across all their locations on Thursday, April 26th from 7-10 pm! You can enjoy an evening of sporting fun and even a chance to win some cool prizes as well. 

They're doing this day to say thanks to all of their loyal customers and really just want to give something back to them. 

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BATL Grounds has locations all across Ontario including 3 in Toronto, Pickering, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, London, Kitchener, and Hamilton. If you're outside of Ontario they also have locations in Squamish, Calgary, Chicago, and Nashville! 

Enjoy a crazy night of fun, lively competition with your friends, family or S/O!

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Check out their Facebook event and website for more information. 

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