This beautiful chalet is located in Roseneath, Ontario and it is the perfect winter getaway for this holiday season! The luxurious property is located an 1hr and 40 minutes away from Toronto and is situated in a very secluded area, overlooking Rice Lake.

The Hampton Hideaway, has spectacular amenities and features, but the perks of renting it during the winter is having access to the private ski hill area on the property! This place is the ultimate skiers dream! It can accommodate up to 14 people or more comfortably, on average costing $850.00 per night, making that only $60.00 a person! That's pretty cheap for having a private ski hill don't you think?

Other features include: 

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • arcade room
  • pool table
  • poker table
  • gym
  • fire place
  • equipped kitchen
  • sun room
  • spacious upper deck
  • recreational room
  • big screen TV

Here are some photos of the hill and the overall unique property. Now, I know the ski hill isn't covered in snow in the photos, but imagine what it would be like after a 20 cm snowfall?

Are you sick of sharing the slopes with random people? Why not rent this beautiful property with a group of friends for a spectacular winter getaway?! You know you want to ;) To book your escape from the city, check out the Airbnb page here! 

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