Have you ever heard of a snow coaster? It's exactly what you think it is - a roller coaster that provides an extraordinary view as it travels through snowy mountains. Well, for you information there is one in our province, only 2 and a half hours from Toronto

There's tons to do at Blue Mountain during the winter, but there's one specific activity that is exceptionally unique. The Ridge Runner glides down a 1 km track and speeds up to 42 km per hour. This adventurous ride is the only mountain coaster in Ontario. You'll witness a breathtaking scenic view of hills and trees covered in snow as you glide in a bobsled like kart. As the kart speed builds up down the rails, the thrill and adrenaline will kick in the chest.

Looking to add some winter activities to your bucket list this season? Check out the Ridge Runner for an unforgettable experience. The ride will be open during the winter every weekend on Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am  - 5 pm, as long as it's weather and conditions permitting.

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The ride is open during the rest of the seasons too and the view isn't that bad either, as you see mother nature at it's finest with greens:

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What are you doing this weekend? Perhaps you should plan a trip to Blue Mountain this weekend, get your skis on, visit the hot springs and check out the mountains as you go down the Ride Runner

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