Photo cred - Inspire X Sound

A group of young Toronto creatives, along with Toronto based musicians have reversed the process of making music videos in the city. Production company Inspire X Sound, came together to create silent, visually stimulating, video segments meant to garner specific feelings and moods. They then passed on silent videos to electronic music producers for them to create an original piece of music, resulting in a brilliant, new, experimental way of interacting with music and getting inspired by Toronto, the GTA, and it's sights.

"A music video is usually created as an aftermath to the release of a track and used as a method for further marketing. The Inspire x Sound project is different and unique because we reversed the traditional process, instead of creating a video in correspondence to a piece of music we first created videos to then inspire the creation of music.”   said Jade Dolan, the projects supervisor and co-producer.

A total of three videos have been filmed since September, with each chapter being passed on to three different music producers. The goal is to experiment with how each producer reads the visuals different based on their own life experiences and how the three versions of the same visual differ from one another.

“When I signed onto this project I was initially intrigued by the idea of having multiple takes on the emotion provoked by each individual video. As the project progressed, I began to realize that we were bringing a community of Toronto music artists together." shared director of the project, Mark Martin. Toronto based music producer The Theorist is responsible for the music attached to the experiments first video, released today on vimeo.


You can catch versions II and III of this video with original music by Paul Chin and Swim Good as they are released on Wednesday and Friday, with Chapters 2 and 3 coming out over the next two weeks.

This is a project that the Toronto music scene can get excited about as it influences the city's creative community and uniquely showcases up and coming Toronto based musicians, cinematographers and just all around artists. Check out Inspire X Sound on Facebook for more information on how to get involved.

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