Despite the fact that Tim Hortons is not Canada’s favourite coffee (that is, according to a new Maclean’s poll), it is still an iconic symbol of the country; one that represents its rich history and proud heritage. With establishments opening up all over the United States, Americans are now able to get a taste of Canada’s unique ‘double-double’ culture.

But Americans still do things a little differently than Canadians, even when it comes to Tim Hortons. One traveller on a road trip demonstrated this by sharing his experience after ordering at two Tim Hortons restaurants across the border from each other; one on the Canadian side and the other on the American side.

With a single picture, the traveller was able to showcase the prime difference between Tim Hortons in Canada and Tim Hortons in the United States:

People took to the comments section to give their thoughts on the striking difference:

“The American one was probably cheaper” - tongsy

“Good ol American diabeetus” - Scott_Free27

“Ah yes, I love the smell of Capitalism in the morning” - iownuall123

“To be fair, looks to me like the Canadian one had more coffee in it. Look how dark it is compared to the American one.” - pigvwu

“So this is why when American customers visit my coffee shop (in South Africa) they complain the coffees are too small?” - ThanksSir

“You can thank insatiable American Starbucks customers for turning Tall into the smallest size on the menu and causing other coffee shops to follow suit.” - Mutoid

“Grew up in Buffalo, NY. A Canadian couple ordered an XL coffee at the Tim Hortons I worked at, lost their breath laughing when I came back and asked if they could change their order to a smaller size but keep the XL cup as a souvenir.” - PeachPlumPeregrine

“Both equally warm I bet” - iLLNiSS

“Hey… maybe it was cold in Canada…” - LuckyChems

“Everything is larger in the US, but Canada is saltier” - felixar90

The discussion later turned into one about clothing size differences, Wendy’s, and acid sensitivity, but the main message remained: Americans really love their big sizes! Read the full thread here.

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