For such an inspiring city, there is a surprising lack of songs written about Vancouver. Even if you do happen to stumble across some, they're almost always written decades ago and have the sound quality of someone whispering into a tin can.

However, there is hope. These last few years have seen incredible growth in local artists writing songs about their home town and spreading the love for Vancouver. And really, what's not to love? From the mountains, to the water, to the city, all of it is song worthy.

If you're looking for something a bit more upbeat to blast in your car as you drive past English Bay this summer, try one of these ten songs that all give a well-deserved shoutout to Vancouver.

1. Vancouver, Baby! by Behind Sapphire

Not only does is give shout outs to both Stanley Park and Science World, but the entire song is basically one huge love song for Vancouver.

Notable lyrics: "Dive into the sea, swim because it's free, I'm making castles on the beach, yeah, welcome to Vancouver, baby!"

2. Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent

Although it's a tiny shoutout, it's there. Plus, not many people know that this even references Vancouver at all, but doesn't that make your favourite angsty high school song even better?

Notable lyrics: "When it gets dark in Pigeon Park, voice in my head, will soon be fed."

3. Robson Girl by Mac DeMarco

Admittedly, this song is pretty repetitive, but it's still super chill and catchy. Perfect for your summer sunbathing playlist.

Notable lyrics: "Lovin' on the sidelines, another one of my kind, Robson girl."

Said the Whale is the ultimate band for catchy Vancouver-themed songs. Whether you're actually at the beach or not, this song will no doubt take you there mentally.

Notable lyrics: "Now I'm waving goodbye to my city, my lover and my friend, Vancouver, they're tearing us apart."

Picture yourself driving through Deep Cove in a vintage convertible with all of your friends. Now, picture which song you'd have playing on the radio in the background. Whatever you just pictured is wrong, unless it's this song, because this song is the ultimate catchy Vancouver tune.

Notable lyrics: "I love Vancouver, Vancouver is my home town. Well I love Grouse Mountain, I love to surf, Vancouver, B.C., Vancouver, B.C."

7. West Van Girl by The Awkward Stage

The ultimate song about falling in love with someone from the other side of the tracks, this song highlights the struggle between an East Van guy and his West Van gal.

Notable lyrics: "West Van girl you are all that isn't fair, can I brush your hair and whisper East Van things in your ear?"

8. Vancouver by Reckless Kelly

If you're looking for something a little more country, then this song is for you. Reminiscent of sitting in the back of a pick up truck in one of Vancouver's bajillion forests.

Notable lyrics: "Now I'm packing it up and I'm rollin' on out to Vancouver for some wasted youth and a fresh set of lonely stars."

9. False Creek Change by Said the Whale

Yes, Said the Whale gets a second spot on this list because their songs are just that uplifting and relatable. Plus, who doesn't love False Creek? It definitely deserves its own song.

Notable lyrics: "My home at the heart of Charleston Park,I never thought I'd be leaving so soon, so soon, I've watched The Walls of Yaletown growing up over my mountain view."

10. The Vancouver Song by Treelines

The perfect song for dancing on the beach, and the ultimate soundtrack for stumbling around Gastown at 2am with your best friend.

Notable lyrics: "You may complain about the rain, but those are just tears from the clouds out here, cause they can't stay every day. We like to have a little fun, we'll host a party and invite everyone, but you would know that if you came to visit, for Expo 86 or the Olympics."

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