It's not easy to date for girls, but it's probably way worst for a guy. They just inbox us ''hello'' and we tell our squad about the creepy dude harassing us on Facebook.

I've made the mistake of trusting a lot of fvckboys in the past, so now I am more open to other kind of men. If every Victoria's Secret model has gotten fed up with Leo, there is probably a reason.

Also, a lot of my single friends have become so picky that they judge a guy after 2 minutes, which is definitely close minded. I am sure that the guy with big eyebrows can definitely be a Prince Charming.

Here are 10 type of men you should definitely give a chance: 

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1. The nice guy

The nice guy isn't necessarily your next gay BFF. I mean, a sweet boy can be super sexy, right? You deserve to be the girl getting flowers from the nice guy in the song When I Was Your Man instead of crying over Bruno Mars.

2. The sensible guy

This guy will just "get" you. He will  100% be there during your periods and mood swings, and will still have something to talk about on the 21st day of vacation with you. Is it just me or do insensitive guys have nothing interesting to say? The sensible guys are also the more romantic!

3. The shy guy

First of all, he will never be the one hitting on other girls.  Second, he probably has an awesome personality after a beer. Give him 10 minutes.

4. The funny guy

This ''friend-zone'' kind of guy can be annoying sometimes, but I am pretty sure that he is just trying to impress you with his sense of humour. You should tell him that you didn't want to have a date with Russel Peters, so that he can chill out. 

5. The Momma's boy

Please, don't fall for the ''40 years old virgin'', but there is nothing wrong with a guy that lives with his parents in his 20s. He is probably keeping his money for your future together.?

Photo cred - @aprilnaron29

6. The geek

This type of guy is probably obsessed with Starcraft and probably thought way too much about Jon Snow's allegedly death. But since you can name all the guys the Kardashians hooked up with during the past 10 years, he is probably not the only freak.  

7. The ''yes'' guy

This is the guy of guy who says yes to everything you say. This doesn't mean that he has no personality. This just means that you have a lot of things in common, and that you are meant to be.

8. The easy going guy

Since you don't want to only Netflix and chill with your guy, this is a good pick. This kind of boy will always be down to try new places with you, and he won't be awkward with your squad.

9. The ambitious guy

You will never be his first priority, but that's cool since you want to have your own life. There is nothing worse then a super dependant guy who doesn't accept that a girl have an awesome career too.

10. The forever single guy

This is the perfect guy: he has had a LOT of time to be an asshole, and he is now ready to make room for you in his life.

In short: you should give a chance to every guy that gives you some sort of glimmer of hope that it's not just all fvckboys out there.

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