Vancouver is home to some pretty well-known talent, including Michael Buble, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogan, and Bryan Adams. But these are just some of the common household names making our city proud.

There are so many new ways other than TV and film getting attention from the media and large audiences these days. Youtube is one site that in particular has created a very lucrative form of video sharing. It has proved to produce some pretty popular personalities and is quickly becoming a popular career path for many millennials.

These 10 Youtube accounts have become some of the most popular not only in the city, but in Canada. Who knew putting on makeup on screen or 7 minute long videos of someone talking to themselves in their bedroom could be so entertaining and gain so much traction from viewers.

Reaching up to almost 900,000 subscribers and way over a million views on their top videos, here's a list of the Vancouver born and raised you need to know about:

1. Leenda D (LeendaDProductions)

Leena has 868,330 subscribers and 142, 150,703 views. She is a videographer, photographer, student, and self-proclaimed avocado lover. She makes videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh and are totally relatable to Vancouverites.

2. Peter Chao (pyrobooby)

Peter, aka Chinese Guy, has 851,573 subscribers and 204,121,953 views. He speaks up for timid Asians around the world. He posts hilarious videos on current events, parodies, music videos, street interviews, and more.

3. Matthew Clarke and David Milchard (Convos With My 2-Year-Old)

These two have 792,625 subscribers and 95,973,974 views on their videos. These two fully grown men re-enact actual conversations between Matthew (dad) and Coco (daughter). Needless to say it's pretty damn funny.

4. Karissa Pukas (SaturdayNightsAlright)

Karissa has 735,028 subscribers and 35,728,657 views. She recently moved back to Vancouver from Australia to continue her Youtube career. Her channel includes fashion, makeup, travel, fitness, yoga, and food. She also runs a separate vlog channel called Creeping On Karissa. She speaks about young women, lifestyle, and creativity and is pretty awesome to say the least.

5. Samantha Ravndahl (BatALashBeauty)

Sam has 633,848 subscribers and 28,958,698 views. She posts awesome beauty, travel, lifestyle, and vlog videos and it's definitely worth checking out. She's always down to make internet friends, but trust me you'll wish you were friends in real life too.

6. Gina Shkeda (GinsMakeup)

Gina has 386,609 subscribers and 10,327,217 views total. She thinks she's hilarious and we do too. This Russian beauty began makeup studying at Blanche Macdonald right here in Vancouver!

7. High On Life (HighOnLife)

High On Life has 288,508 subscribers and 27,111,690 views on their videos. They post weekly videos inspiring the world to travel and live life to the fullest as a group of friends. Goals.

8. IFHT Films (IFockingHateThat)

This group of up-and-coming comedians has 267,462 subscribers and 46,795,124 views. They are a productions company in Vancouver who produce unique videos and comedy sketches about film, extreme sports, the outdoors, and everyday comedy and it's "focking funny".

9. Nadine Sykora (Hey Nadine)

Nadine has 262,375 subscribers and 33,891,175 views. She loves travel, comedy, and inspirational videos and vlogs. Her videos are guaranteed to give you a serious case of wanderlust.

10. Christian LeBlanc (LostLeBlanc)

Christian has 91,868 subscribers and 9,562,096 views on videos. He is a daily vlogger from Canada who is pursuing a career in his passion for creating videos and sharing them in order to inspire the world.

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