Vancouver is known for it's beautiful scenery and jaw-dropping landscapes. We also have some of the most amazing (and sometimes challenging) hikes!

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Whether you want to stay close and do an easier hike like Quarry Rock in North Van or trek out to Whistler for a gorgeous longer hike with an incredible view, we got you covered. 

Check out these hikes that YOU NEED TO try asap! 

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1. Quarry Rock

Situated in Deep Cove, North Van, arguably one of the most popular hikes in Vancouver. Perfect for someone who doesn't want anything too difficult but still a beautiful view once you get to the top. 

Distance: 3.8 km roundtrip or 1.5 hours

Difficulty Level: 4/10

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2. Light House Park

A shorter trail that still gives you a beautiful view of the city, this one is perfect if you're going with a group of people and everyone has different skill levels.

Distance: 6km or 2 hours

Difficulty: Different trails to choose from in terms of difficulty, generally 2-3/10

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3. Stawamus Chief

Located in Squamish, the Chief is a more difficult and longer hike but well worth it when you get to the top. One of the most beautiful hikes in Vancouver for sure.

Duration: 6 hours or 11km

Difficulty Level: 8/10

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4. Garibaldi Lake

This is another challenging hike located two hours away from Downtown Vancouver. Definitely expect a lot of uphill struggle but the view is out of this world and a must see for anyone living in Vancouver.

Duration: 5 hours or 18km

Difficulty: 8/10

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5. Dog Mountain

A perfect hike for a day when you don't have too much time but still want to get that Instagram ;) Situated in the North shore this is defs a must for any low key hiker who doesn't want to put in too much work!

Duration: 5km roundtrip or 1 hour

Difficulty: 2/10

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6. Mount Seymour

This is definitely a more difficult hike, still a lot of fun but get ready for a workout and then some with this one!

Duration: 9km roundtrip or 2.5 hours

Difficulty: 4/10

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7. Lynn Valley

This trail is awesome because it's definitely a more difficult hike similar to the Grouse Grind but minus the crowd. Expect a really beautiful day throughout the North Shore with this one.

Duration: 9km roundtrip or 2.5 hours

Difficulty: 6/10

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8. Norvan Falls

A bucket list hike would not be complete without this jaw-dropping hike. Featuring a beautiful waterfall, this hike is perfect for a hot summer day when you want to work out but cool off at the same time!

Duration: 14 km roundtrip or 3.5 hours

Difficulty: 5/10

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9. Coliseum Mountain

This one is definitely more for the adventurers out there who want to do something exhilarating and strenuous. Definitely a very difficult hike and far from the city, but a big accomplishment for sure!

Duration: 24 km roundtrip or all-day

Difficulty: 8.5/10

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10. Whyte Lake

One of the most beautiful landscapes in the North Shore, this hike is perfect for the Instagrammer who needs a good pic. Not too difficult but a very incredible #view. (Insider tip: Good for a date when you don't want to look a mess but want to show you're adventurous too) 

Duration: 5km

Difficulty: 2/10

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11. Joffre Lake Provincial Park

Probably the most bucket list hike there is, expect the most incredible view you've ever seen. Although this hike is difficult, it's well worth it with the stunning view you get afterwards (not to mention the insta too). 

Duration: 10 km or 4 hours

Difficulty: 7/10

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