Listen... I get it. You see all your friends jumping ship and moving to places like Toronto, and interior BC, or even to the States. You hear their success stories and the idea of moving away gets more and more tantalizing by the day.

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But ask yourself: Would you really be better off somewhere else?

No, you wouldn't. Because you wouln't be even half as happy as if you had just stayed. I know Vancouver can be hard sometimes, but you gotta try and make it here! It's so worth it! If you or your BFF are still on the edge of deciding, just read through these reasons and put the travel guide down for a second. 

1. Vancouver is the outdoor enthusiast's paradise. 

Where else in the world are you going to be able to go skiing in the morning, have lunch on the beach, and drive out to desert for dinner... all in the same day? With such a versatile terrain that we live in, we can do any outdoor activity we want here and not have to worry about being too far from home to do it.

2. We truly have become Hollywood north.

It's never been easier in Vancouver to get into the movie industry. Film companies and modeling agencies all throughout North America have been exporting all their work to Vancouver, and as a benefit, there has never been more readily available work in this sector. Why move away when you can stay here and chase your acting career dreams?!

3. Your fashion game will get weaker if you leave.

I like to think of Vancouver as "aesthetically competitive", and I'm not wrong. Vancouverites are always trying to look their best, whether it's all designer labels or the perfect finds from your local thrift store, we're always slaying the fashion game. Now, with that being said, if you leave for extended periods of time its quite possible that you could get thrown off your game!

4. Vancouver is one of the greenest, densely populated cities in Canada. 

It's amazing. We really do put such a high priority on environmental sustainability here and it shows. You never have to worry about feeling like you're stuck in a concrete jungle in Vancouver, because there's so much nature everywhere you look.

5. This is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. 

Why would you want to move somewhere that isn't nearly as culturally progressive as we are? We're all about social acceptance here, and with around 100,000 new residents annually immigrating here from all over the world how could we not be? It's the ultimate melting pot. Also, how could we not be stoked on having the best food from all over the world right here in the city?

6. Weed is finally about to get legalized.

Vancouver is filled with craft dispensaries. Let me say that again for the people in the back, CRAFT DISPENSARIES! There are more dispensaries than Tim Hortons in Vancouver. We have smoked our way through all the legal troubles we have had along the way, we're finally almost at the finish line, and you want to give up the good fight now?!

7. You will get out of shape.

Health is always everyone's top priority here, and if it isn't, then everyone around you is making you feel bad about it. In a city with so many thriving juice bars, 'gluten free' friendly restaurants, more gyms and more yoga studios than any city you can think of, it's damn near impossible to stay unhealthy here. 

8. When you live in Vancouver, you don't need a car.

It's more of a luxury than anything, but you really don't need one here. The transit system in Vancouver is amazing and with the over abundance of Car2Go's/Zipcar's/Modo's/Evo's all around us, it is really hard to justify needing one. 

9. The food and drink scene here is almost as hot as the real estate scene.

Something I feel like we take for granted here is the diversity of food options we have in Vancouver. The large ethinic diversity here mixed with the fact that it rains all the damn time makes for the ultimate storm of food options. That, in combination with having easy accessibility to some of the freshest and most organic food options available today mean we get some of the best food around. I mean, come on. Have you tried the sushi here?! 

10. There is always a show going on.

Every two weeks you are almost guaranteed to be able to go to a show where an artist that you like is playing, right here in your city! Over the past 5 years Vancouver's live music scene has really flourished, with artists of all walks making Vancouver a must place to visit while on tour. Do you really want to miss out on your favorite artists coming to town all the time?

11. And if this list isn't convincing enough... 

Let's just remember that our prime minister is a wholesome gentleman and was never on WWE.. unlike some countries. *cough cough* 

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