It's always nice to relax, recharge, and treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Lucky for you, Vancouver is filled of amazing places where you can do that for any budget!

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Whether you want to relax at the spa or enjoy a fancy dinner or a day in a mansion, we got you covered! So read along, relax, and enjoy! 

Treat yourself for $20

Treat yourself for $50

Treat yourself for $100

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Treat yourself for $20

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1. Embrace your sweet tooth and get everything chocolate at Cacao 70

PRICE: Range from $10-$20

Enjoy some of the most delicious chocolate treats in the city at this Denman hit spot that has everything chocolate! You're guaranteed to feel super relaxed after a chocolate therapy session - after all STRESSED backwards is DESSERTS people.

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2. Do It Yourself Mimosas at TUC Craft Kitchen 

PRICE: $30 for a bottle of champagne and OJ - $15/two people 

A bottle of champagne and freshly squeezed Orange Juice for $30?! I think so. Treat yourself and your BFF to bottomless mimosas at TUC and trust me you will be feeling mucho bueno! 

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3. Spa Day at JJ Family Spa 

PRICE: $15 all day spa

Honestly, what better way to treat yourself than lounge at the spa with your BFFS getting facials and massages. PLUS this spa is super super cheap, so it's perfect all around! 

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4. Cineplex VIP Cinemas 

PRICE: $20/Person

Treat yourself to dinner and a movie at Cineplex VIP cinemas. You can enjoy any movie for $20! 

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Treat yourself for $50

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1. Rent a Mansion for you and friends 

PRICE: Ranges from $40-50/night

Rent a beautiful mansion for you and friends, depending on how many people it can cost anywhere from $40-50/night. Check out 8 Mansions you can rent for super cheap this fall to see a complete list of some dope cribs! 

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2. Relax and Float at Vancouver's Floathouse 

PRICE: Starts at $39 

Try out flotation therapy at one of Vancouver's Floathouse locations for something new. This is deffs bound to make you feel super relaxed and rejuvenated. 

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3. Get a Mani/Pedi by yourself or with your squad

PRICE: $50 at most spas

Relax with a mani/pedi at any of Vancouver's most beautiful nail bars. (BONUS: most pedis come with a foot massage and some even with hotstones, so that's a plus!)

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4. Go To Playland!

PRICE: Starts at $33

Check out Playland or the Fair at PNE. Not everyone's way to treat themselves, but perfect for the adrenaline junkies out there!

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Treat yourself for $100

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1. Plan a Staycation 

PRICE: Ranges - usually $200/night - $100/person

Check out the Empire Landmark on Robson street, for a beautiful staycation with your BFF or your s/o. Night rates are usually $200/night here but $100 if you split it. You will get some great views of the city! 

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2. Go Boujee or Go Home 

PRICE: $80 +

Have a luxe dinner at one of Vancouver's fine dining spots - Giardino's in Yaletown offers a range of dishes and wine options from more affordable to super expensive. Plus, they have a beautiful outdoor patio! 

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3. Have a Beach Picnic 

PRICE: $60-100

Check out one of the city's most beautiful beaches and have a picnic there! Bring food and vino and enjoy the peaceful sceneries - make it fun with friends and if you want it to be cheaper, a potluck! 

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