Ahhh cuffing season. The most dreaded and difficult season for single people everyone. Cuddlers and hand-holders flood the streets of Vancouver and those who were once happy and free suddenly claw desperately for anyone they can get their hands on.

No one wants to spend the fall and winter months without a bae to take cute pumpkin patch or skating rink pictures with.

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Being in a relationship is great, but if you're not in a relationship you shouldn't just settle for anyone because you're lonely. There are so many incredibly wonderful things about being single.

So if you can tear yourself away from your hot chocolate, popcorn, and Friends marathoning, here are some ways you can slay the fall in Vancouver:

1. Make everyday a "you" day

Being single will provide you with little more time and money to spend on yourself. Treat yourself every day and make YOU your number one priority. Whether that's spending a day at the spa, buying yourself that new Aritzia scarf, or baking an apple pie and eating the whole thing.

2. Learn how to cook Thanksgiving dinner

Complete with turkey, stuffing and blueberry pie for dessert. Knowing how to cook thanksgiving dinner is such a cool thing. Imagine the party you could throw with your friends and there is no better time than now to get all the secret tips and tricks from your grandma.

3. Start a new TV Series on Netflix

I have a very addictive personality . Which makes me afraid to start a new series, because I worry that it will become my life for the next 4 months and nothing else will get done. But if you have a bit more time, you should treat yourself to some quality entertainment. Blankets, your bed, some red wine and The Mindy Project sounds like a bomb ass combo to me.

4. Learn some photography skills and up your Instagram game

Fall is the most beautiful season. Either take a class at Langara College or teach yourself through YouTube and get Instagram famous because of your perfectly taken and edited fall photos.

5. Learn the rules and fall in love with the game of football

Take some time to sit down and watch a game with your best friend: Google. Learn what the heck is going on and choose your own favourite team. Next time you go on a date with a sport guy, you'll have actual input and insight into the game.

6. Get really good grades

I know this one sounds lame and not very fun but it is really important. Use this time as a single gal to focus on your school work and get high marks. With no relationship drama or boyfriend commitments it's easy to focus and devote yourself. Your bank account will thank you later when you become the CEO of the earth.

7. Do some volunteer work

As difficult as the fall and winter months may seem to you, I guarantee you there are people out there who have it worse. Find a shelter, a school, or a food bank that needs volunteers and dedicate some of your time to helping those in need throughout Vancouver. You will make a difference in the lives of others and it will benefit your own mental health and well being as well.

8. Pick a book or two and actually read it

For all you people who hate to read I am here to tell you that reading is great. It is fun, interesting and it makes you smarter. Pick up a book to take a break from your computer and work your mind in a different way. Imagine how cute you will look in Starbucks sitting with your PSL and hipster glasses reading a book.

9. Go out with your BFF's and have crazy nights

As long as it's not every weekend, there is no shame or harm in going clubbing with your besties and getting a little buck wild. "What happened last night?" is the first sentence out of everyones mouth. Trying to piece the night together is like trying to solve the worlds biggest mystery. Try to solve it over some chicken and waffles brunch at Tuc and make some great memories.

10. Go on a solo trip

Save up some money and go on a trip or an adventure that you have always wanted to! I have never travelled alone but my friends tell me it's an incredible experience. Go exactly where you want, see what you want and meet who you want. I hear that New York is breathtaking this time of year.

11. Go to the art gallery and see Picasso on Tuesday nights by Donation

Doing this by yourself is a great idea. The art gallery is such an intricate place that going by yourself allows you to really focus on the art and the message with no distractions. Flying solo also makes it way easier to navigate the huge crowds on donation night.

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