Nightlife would not be the same without the amazing bartenders in Vancouver who know the perfect shake and the perfect pour.

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These talented individuals are not only able to pick apart the highly complex profiles of different alcoholic libations, but also know how to put one hell of a drink together.

Here are 12 bartenders in Vancouver who are reining bartending champs and late night hustlers.

via @mickyvalens

Micky Valens // @mickyvalens

Currently at Wildebeest and Hello Goodbye

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Shaun Layton // @shaunlayton

Currently Head Barman of Juniper and L'Abbattoir

via @worldclasscanada

Stefano Righetti // @stefanorighetti7

Currently at The Keefer Bar

via @bartenderatlarge

Lauren Mote // @laurenmote

Co-Founder of Bittered Sling and MiniBar BC. Currently Bartender and Sommelier at Four Seasons Vancouver.

Mike Rose // @mike.rose_

Currently at The Granville Room

via @mattvandinth

Matt van Dinther // @mattvandinth

Co-Owner and Bartender of Nomad

via @tommyrgrier

Tommy Greir // @tommyrgrier

Currently at Republic

via @i7arren

Luke Tynan // @luketynan87

Currently at Juniper

via @bartenderatlarge

Robyn Gray // @robynagray

Currently at The Prohibition at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

via @bambuddagastown

Tarquin Melnyk // @livelikeburning

(On right)

via @bcbartender

Kristi Leigh Akister // @savagefoxx

Currently Bar Manager of The Union

via @bcbartender

Chris Enns // @chrisenns

Currently at The Diamond

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