We've all been there. You've been dating someone casually for a while and all of a sudden you realize that things might be getting a bit serious. You started to introduce each other as your boyfriend or girlfriend, days off are reserved for each other and you might even accidentally drop an "I love you" here and there.

Don't worry, these are all good signs! If you made it through months of dating without forcing your relationship you can pretty much guarantee you have met the right person! Relationships are not so common in Vancouver, and if yours is strong enough to make it to the next level without you even realizing, you are probably both doing something right!

If you can find yourself relating to any of these points, you probably found a keeper so hold on and treat them right!

Here are 12 signs you relationship is getting serious:

1. You call each other dumb corny nicknames

It happens to all of us. You get into a relationship, things are going well and before you know it your dropping “boo” bombs every second text message. Its only going to get worse. Eventually you’ll start making up weird random pet names for each other that don't even make sense.

2. Whenever a new place opens you have to wait to go with them because you know they will be mad if you don't

Because y’all both love ice cream so much you know there is no way in hell you can go to that new ice cream shop they are opening on Keefer and Gore without him unless you wanna hear about it afterwards.

3. You traded in bottle service for Netflix and Chill

You have started to realize that you can’t remember the last time you went out to the club and you aren't even mad. "Friday night" is now "Take-out dinner with a bottle of wine and falling asleep watching Aquarius together" night.

4. You can’t watch an episode of that TV show you are watching together without him

This directly relates to #3. You know you can’t even think about watching an episode without him and he will find out if you do because obviously you are using his Netflix account.

5. He starts spending basically every night sleeping over at your house

Well, you’ve been binge watching Aquarius and The Killing simultaneously every night until you both pass out so its not like its planned. Plus he lives in East Van and your downtown, which is closer to work for him so it just makes sense, Right?

6. You now have a side of the bed

Gone are the days of having the entire queen sized mattress to yourself. No more sleeping in the middle of the bed and having the pillows all to yourself. Once you realize you now have your own side of the bed, you have ventured into serious relationship status.

7. He has a drawer in your dresser

He leaves his stuff lying around so much that you got fed up enough to just move some of your stuff and give him a drawer in your dresser. Now if he could just learn to keep the drawer closed so you would stop walking into it that would be great :)

8. Your one day off a week is always reserved for each other.

Even though you both work two jobs, you make sure to spend that one day off you both have together because you know you can spend the entire day just the two of you.

9. Your wardrobe now consists of half his wardrobe

At first it was just convenience, you would throw on his favourite Led Zeppelin T-shirt in the morning and make him coffee. Now he can’t risk leaving his clothes on your floor without you stealing them and every time he asks if you have seen a shirt of his you have to lie and say your washing it for him!

10. You start saying “we” and “us”

Its no longer “I like the earl grey donuts from Cartems” its “We like the earl grey donut from Cartems.” Its also, “We want to go to Pemberton” and “We are staying home tonight.”

11. You realize he is the only guy left on your roster

You haven't been on Tinder in months and you realize that you have ignored every other guy you were seeing to a point where they have all stopped texting you completely. Now its just you and boo!

12. He has a set of keys to your apartment

It just makes it easier so that you don’t have to get up and go downstairs to let him in the door. Plus maybe one day he will surprise you with some flowers. But be careful, before you know it he will be moving in.

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