So, you guys have been dating for quite some time now. The idea has popped up a couple of times and you may have addressed it, but it hasn't quite actualized yet.

Yes, it does sound pretty cute - waking up together every morning, going to bed together every night, cooking every dinner together. But it isn't always that way. For many couples, yes, living together is great! You learn to be dependent and independent, learn to accept each others' gross and annoying habits, and you nurture your relationship it grow stronger.

But hey girl, don't jump the gun. Sometimes your relationship just isn't ready yet. Whether it's you or your significant other, here are a few signs that might signal you're just not quite ready to move in together yet.

1. You're doing it because it's financially easier.

This may sound a little counter-intuitive, but you don't want you're relationship to be mixed up with finances. Don't create a consumer based framework for your relationship that relies on economic ease.

2. You're relationship is pretty volatile and you're constantly fighting.

This one's a hard one to chew. Nobody likes to admit that a lot of fighting goes on in their relationship, but be honest with yourself with this one. If you guys are constantly fighting, living in super close quarters with someone may not exactly be the answer to your problem.

3. You don't see him or her as your potential Mr./Mrs. [insert his last name]

So for all you folks who still believe in marriage and don't see your significant other as a potential hubby or wifey, why even move in together? If you don't see a future with this person down the road, your break up will just end up being messier and harder.

4. You "think" it will make your relationship stronger.

If you don't already feel all that strongly for your significant other and believe that moving in together will, girl, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Don't force your relationship into a space that it's not ready for.

5. When putting the seat down bothers you.

Yes, you may love your bae so, so, soooo much, but when you have to start sharing a bathroom together, a kitchen together, a bedroom together, let alone an entire apartment, you have to be okay getting all up in each others' faces all the time. He may like his toilet paper roll facing up, and you may like it facing down. She may like placing the mugs upwards, you may like placing them downwards. She may like a million pillows on her bed, you may only like two. All these things may sound very insignificant, but when you live together, be prepared to give up a whole lot of personal space.

6. You're still shy to burp, fart, or poo around your sweetie.

Imagine having to share a bathroom while he takes a poo and you're brushing your teeth. You have to be okay with this shit! Literally! If you're still embarrassed to be naked with the lights on, not be wearing any make up around him, take a huge fart in front of him, living together might not be the best idea quite yet.

7. You haven't openly talked about who's paying what, who's going to do what, and who's cleaning your dog's poo.

If you really want to move in together, but haven't openly discussed or even feel comfortable discussing financial responsibility, how you guys are going to split up the cooking and cleaning, how you guys going to figure out each others' schedules so that little Benji is going to be fed, walked, and taken for a poo, then you're defs not ready.

8. Neither of you are financially stable.

When rent pay day comes and neither of you have your finances together, that day will not be a fun day for either of you. Both of you have to be ready to cover your portion of the rent, and even potentially bare the burden of your significant others' portion if anything were to happen.

9. You guys are still in honeymoon phase.

If you're still in honeymoon phase, just don't. Please.

10. Your last trip together to Cancun was a complete disaster.

A week-long vacation together could make or break your relationship. Did you barely survive or was it an amazing experience with a few trials and tribulations? If you could hardly stand your bae by the end of your vacay, chances are you'll probably hate him after you move in together.

11. You don't realize that living together does not necessarily equate to spending more time together.

Okay, so what I mean by "spending more time together" is "spending more quality time together". Just because you're living together, it doesn't mean that your schedules have changed. You will probably just as busy as you were before you moved in together, and falling asleep together isn't exactly quality time.

12. Your mom still does your laundry.

If you're currently living at home and you barely know how to clean up after yourself, you're hardly even ready to move out on your own, let alone move out with somebody.

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