Vancouver is a fantastic city filled with really wonderful people but sometimes those wonderful people do things that are incredibly obnoxious.

When I first moved here, there were a few of these obnoxious instances that I happened to see time and time again. I thought it was probably a coincidence and would most likely stop occurring.

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Now here we are, two years later and I still see gals out for dinner in their Lululemons. 

Replacing everyday clothes with workout clothes

I'm sorry friends but Lulu pants are not meant for the bar... or anywhere outside the gym if you ask me. If you are heading to or from a yoga class, sure! Where those workout clothes with pride... otherwise, let's sub them out for a pair of jeans.

Being so incredibly flakey!!

This could be my number one pet-peeve about Vancouver and it happens all the time. People flake out on absolutely everything and it was something I noticed almost immediately when I moved here!! If you make a plan, stick to it!

Hating on Toronto

It's not as bad as you think it is. I'm not sure where or when this rivalry started but I don't think it makes much sense. Vancouver and Toronto so incredibly different that the idea of us even trying to compare them is silly if you ask me.

Being absolutely horrible drivers

This is of course a generalization but wow... Vancouver.... let's get it together.

Vancouver drivers need to stop being so MEAN.

Is it just me or do drivers in this city take it to another level... I saw two cars go at it through their driver windows for like 5 blocks the other day! Chill.

Blocking the escalator at Burrard Station

This escalator is legitimately a mile long and if you're the type that likes to stand still and ride it the whole way up.. please... I beg... stay to the right hand side.

Acting like the most entitled person on the road whether on a bike, in a car or on foot.

Drivers honk, bikers flip the bird and pedestrians yell... and I have probably been guilty of every single one of them. This is something that should really stop though, can't we all just get along!?

Hitting each other with umbrellas

It's umbrella etiquette people... be conscious of others on the sidewalk and don't hit them with your umbrella. You would think that the number of days it rains in this city per year, people would be a little kinder with those things.

Talking about the weather

We all get it... the weather here is strange. Sunny one minute, raining the next. We live in an urban rain forest folks, get used to it. I do not need to have one more small-talk conversation with another soul about it.

Posting their everyday jog times on social media

This is one thing I will never understand. It's just like.... why?

Putting wet umbrellas on seats in the SkyTrain or on Buses

I mean... this should really be a no-brainer but for some it's not. Hello people... the rest of us put our bums on those seats!! I am seriously never in the mood to get off the bus with a wet booty because someone felt the need to give their umbrella it's own seat.

Looking down at their phones while walking on the side walk

This drives me bonkers... People have come so close to walking directly into other people because they are staring down at their phones!! Some people even cross the street looking down which is really not smart if you ask me.

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