School is fast approaching and that means the Bimini crowd is coming back. Every Wednesday night the party at this Kits bar pops off with drinks, games, and dancing.

You are almost certainly guaranteed to meet some real characters during your night of debauchery so prepare yourself. They are of course open other nights of the week as well so depending on when you go, you are sure to cross paths with at least of few of these types.

1. The Ski and Board Kid

Girls and guys from the ski and board club commonly hit up this pub on Wednesday nights because during the winter they're too busy getting powder on the weekends to be drinking in the city. These kids will definitely being getting rowdy, but are always a fun time, unless they start rambling on about which bindings are best.

2. The Older Dude

You always see a few older men on college night. Maybe it's a coincidence, but more than likely they're just being creepy. If you are lucky, you might be able to squeeze a few drinks out of them, but if they're wearing a fedora, I would steer clear entirely.

3. The Basic B*tch Squad

This is a pretty common spot, especially on Wednesdays, to see the most stereotypical lady crews composed of girls done up in too much makeup, getting drunk and spilling their drinks. They travel in packs and often can't hold a real conversation.

4. The Baller

Most likely a Sauder kid from UBC, but could be anyone. Sometimes fully decked out in a suit to make a lasting impression. If you get off on the right foot with these guys, they'll be buying you drinks all night. Drink of choice is probably a gin and tonic because they have no imagination, but every once in a while they'll go for the scotch because it makes them feel sophisticated.

5. The Frat Bro

Time to do mad Jägerbombs and crush brews. You can pick them out by their fvckboy haircuts and big muscles. They'll either be wearing their Greek letters on their shirt or will have it tattooed on their bicep. Good luck dealing with these guys because they'll either want to fight you or make sweet love to you.

6. The Shy International Girl

You got to respect the girl who pushes herself way out of her comfort zone. She heard about all the fuss surrounding Bimini Wednesdays and she had to see it with her own eyes, however, she was not aware how rambunctious the bar sometimes gets. She'll either meet the right people and have a great time, or find herself leaving after a quick drink.

7. The Cougar

A lot of bars have them, but Wednesdays at the Bimini is the perfect hunting ground for the rare cougar. They are not often spotted, but occasionally they'll slide in dressed way younger than their age. Chances are they'll be on the dance floor waiting for their prey.

8. The Joker

Usually guys, but sometimes ladies. They'll go around with outrageous pick up lines and chancy jokes. If you encounter one, you will probably spill your drink, either from laughing too hard or because something offensive rubs you the wrong way and the result is your drink in their face. In general, they're harmless, eventually tuckering themselves out before causing too much trouble.

9. The Isolationists

The way Bimini is set up, there is usually a group or two of people who do not want to be disturbed by others. They'll sit in their booth and take turns going to get drinks. Coats are left on the seats to claim their territory so what ever you do, don't sit down at one of their tables – you'll get an earful when they return.

10. The Absolute Babe

Every now and then a total stunner shows up. She'll either act snobby or be super cool. Chances are if she's cool, she's there with her boyfriend. If she's with a group of friends celebrating a special occasion though, she might be looking for her next boy toy.

11. The Drunkard

What can you expect when partying with a bunch of university students? Someone is going to get way too hammered. If it's a chick, she'll be locked away in one of the bathrooms while her friend holds her hair, and if it's a dude, he'll more than likely make a fool of himself before the bouncers get involved and throw him to the curb.

12. The Awesome Staff

All of the staff members are the best for being able to deal with that many rowdy people every night. They run a tight ship so make sure to respect it and don't forget to tip your bartender.

Which category do you fall under?

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