Of course you've heard of the celebrity chefs with their own TV shows and their own line of kitchen ware sets sold at every Hudson's Bay, Winners, etc.

But too often than not, we forget that the delicious, beautifully and artfully made food that we are so blessed to enjoy in Vancouver, is made by human hands - a pair of hands that are attached to a soul that loves food to its core, a soul that has put years of blood, sweat, and tears into their mastery of the culinary arts.

We are so lucky to have such talented chefs in the city to satisfy our hungry little tummies. So Vancouver, in no particular order, here are some of your top finest chefs.

1. Stefan Hartmann // @stefancook

Photo cred - @chef_turner

2. Brandon Turner // @chef_turner

Photo cred - @edeats

3. Shin Suzuki // @pidginyvr

4. Tyson Viteychuk // @tysonviteychuk

Photo cred - @cactusclubcafe

5. Jack Demers // @cactus_coalharbour

6. Brainard Orcullo // @tasteofbrain_

7. Chi Le // @chirestaurantbar

Photo cred - @gastrofork

8. Keith Kamizato // @sushi_k_kamizato

9. David Hawksworth // @chefhawksworth

10. Weimar Gomez // @chefweimar

11. Thomas Heinrich // @cheftheinrich

12. Lee Cooper // @labattoir_van

Photo cred - @fablekitchen

13. Trevor Bird // @fablekitchen

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