The night started super smoothly. You and your BFF went for ONLY ONE glass of wine at The Flying Pig in Gastown. Mistakenly, you've finished the night with some Australian guys and Tequila at La Casita.

The last thing you remember is a belly pain, probably caused by happy hour + spicy food and/or the fall on Powell St.

Waking up, you realize that the guy with the hot accent is at YOUR place and you need to leave soon AF to have brunch with your dad and stepmom (you now remember why you didn't want to go out). This is probably your biggest mistake from last night: you can't leave quietly.

Here are 12 ways to say goodbye & their signification: 

1. Kisses on the cheeks

This means that you are very comfortable with your wild night, and that you act like you got your sh*t together. It's a friendly way to confirm that it was just a one night thing.

2. French kiss

This means that this guy deserves a 10, and that you are hoping to see him again. You two will probably see each other soon and it will be even more intense.

3. Hug

You are definitely not as comfortable as #1. The sex wasn't that good and you really want the other person to understand that it will never happen again. The hug is always a little awkward.

4. Long hug

The long hug is a good sign, compared to #3. It means that the night was awesome and that you are open to repeat the experience. It's friendly, but intimate at the same time.

5. Remote salute

When you wave the guy goodbye from the kitchen, it means that you'll never see him again. Even if he gave his best performance ever.

6. High five

The best indication that it was only for one night. The passion is clearly not there and you don't want to show any sign of interest.

7. Fist bump

Sorry dude, she won't cook you breakfast. Don't even ask for her number.

8. Kiss on the head

Love is in the air. Seriously, it means that the night was super pleasant and that there is may be more than sex between you two.

9. Disappearance

If the girl left her own place like a thief, it means that you should forget her name, if she even told you what it was. Don't get too comfortable in her bed.

10. Hand shake

The less sexy way to end a one night stand. This should be interpreted as a sign of politeness and not as a sex contract.

11. Kiss on the lips

There are 2 significations: you either find him really hot and you'll enjoy one last kiss, or you expect an invitation to go for drinks.

12. Mature talk

Yup, this one never happens. But the best way to conclude a one night is to tell the person your clear intentions. One of my friends tried this one and she has been with the guy for 3 years.

Pssst: When in doubt, try #1.

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