Canada is a big country that is undoubtedly filled with prospects who, much like the provinces and territories, are all very different from each other but carry a unique charm that intrigues us.

Now I get it, you've made your rounds in the dating scene and you feel like you've dated EVERY. GUY. Amiright? You've tried Tinder and Bumble, you've even (dare I say it) went out to the local bar and tried wheeling.

So let me assume that in your many conquests you've definitely dated these 13 beaus. Whether it was a long term relationship with The Nature Boy or a summer fling with The Fisherman, read below and let me know how many provinces and territories have treated you to dinner or more...

British Columbia - The Stoner

Age: 21-27

Occupation: Real Estate Agent's assistant. Rolls weed at the dispensary on Fridays.

Hobbies: Hiking with his dog. Hitting up the VAG. Checking out DJ shows on Saturday night.

Looking for: Chill chick, 4/20 friendly who supports his passion for the environment.

Probably named: Jamie

Alberta - The Cowboy

Age: 18-24

Occupation: Works on the rig seasonally.

Hobbies: Drinking Budweiser. Maintaining his truck.

Looking for: Someone who he can take to Stampede. Must own a pair of cowboy boots. Must love beer.

Probably named: Taylor

Photo cred — michy_michy

Saskatchewan - The Junior A Hockey Player

Age: 25-29

Occupation: Moose Jaw Warrior (centre forward).

Hobbies: Practice. Gym. Practice. Vodka. Family. The family dog.

Looking for: His high school sweetheart. Someone he knows isn't just with him for when he gets drafted to the 4th line of some NHL team.

Probably named: Patrick (Pat)

Manitoba - The Husband

Age: 25-30+

Occupation: A cop.

Hobbies: Playing pick-up hockey on the frozen lake with his buddies. Chopping fire wood. Loving his family.

Looking for: A WOMAN who wants to have babies, like yesterday. Wants to lock down a wife so he can 'complain' about her at the force with his buddies.

Probably named Troy.

Ontario - The Fvck Boy

Age: 19-24

Occupation: Expo at Cactus Club and really proud of it.

Hobbies: Telling people how tall he is. Hanging out at Rebel. Counting his tips.

Looking for: Arm candy. Must live in heels. Hopefully works at a nightclub and can get him on the guest list.

Probably named: Kyle

Quebec - The Ghoster

Age: 19-29

Occupation: Works at a boutique in the Saint-Roch district.

Hobbies: Chain-smoking. Doing what he wants to do. Always trying to break away from the group.

Looking for: Someone who will let him be a lone "loup". Someone he can share a poutine with. Someone who won't be disappointed if/when he ultimately doesn't call back.

Probably named: Francis but goes by Francois

via @menofoutdoors

Yukon - The Nature Boy

Age: 28-45

Occupation: Tree planter.

Hobbies: Saving the Earth.

Looking for: Someone he can recruit to tree planting. Must have dreadlocks. Must use patchouli oil as perfume.

Probably named: Arrow

via @menofoutdoors

Northwest Territories - The Climber

Occupation: Wherever the wind takes him. (Freelance programmer).

Hobbies: Climbing, bouldering, chess, word puzzles, sudokus.

Looking for: A free spirit who laughs at their own jokes. Someone who's down for an adventure but can also help build a bonfire in a pinch.

Probably named: Adam

Photo cred — hanna torkelsen

Nunavut - The Future Olympian

Occupation: Cross-Country Skiier

Hobbies: Skiing. That's all.

Looking for: An early riser who can keep up on the slopes. Someone who knows how to make a breakfast that isn't too heavy but filling at the same time.

Probably named: Mason

Newfoundland - The Friend

Occupation: Some kind of customer service job.

Hobbies: Doing whatever you want to do. Always up for hanging out with your girl friends. Plays you original songs on his acoustic guitar.

Looking for: Anyone who won't put him in the friend-zone.

Probably named: Flynn

via @menofoutdoors

Nova Scotia - The Fisherman

Occupation: Works as a deckhand on a crabbing boat.

Hobbies: Chewing on tobacco. Reading War and Peace. Dreaming about the Atlantic whenever he's on the shore.

Looking for: Someone doesn't mind the smell of fish and who wants to go sailing. All. The. Time.

Probably named: William but goes by Red for some reason...

Photo cred — naditta

New Brunswick - The Farmer

Age: 22-25

Occupation: Works on his parent's farm. Hopes to own it in 10 years.

Hobbies: Sleep? I guess?

Looking for: A sturdy girl who can lift at least 40 pounds or as he likes to call it "baby hall barrels".

Probably named: Peter

Prince Edward Island - The Chef

Age: 24-29

Occupation: Paramedic but only because his family wants him to be.

Hobbies: Cooking lobster. Competes in the clam-bake contest every summer. Makes the best crab cakes of your life.

Looking for: A foodie without a shellfish allergy.

Probably named: Landon

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